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14 alternative and related products to Nosy

Wines selected by world-class experts sent to you

At Nosy, we invite a different world-class expert every month to select three of his favorite wines from all over the world that we ship directly to your door.

14 Alternatives to Nosy

A Wine subscription box that makes great Wine affordable

We started Empathy Wines with a radical new way of selling wine, and ambitious goals. We want people to pay less for great, authentic wines by delivering them direct to their door, while shining a spotlight on top-tier grape growers, the unsung heroes of the wine world.

Founded by Gary Vaynerchuk, Jon Troutman, and Nate Scherotter

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The Wine Daily
Digital marketing mogul Gary Vaynerchuk is working to disrupt the wine industry with the launch of Empathy Wines. Empathy Wines is a concept that lets farmers sell directly to consumers, under the Empathy Wines label. This eliminates the markup consumers must pay, while also allowing farmers to earn more.
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Wine education & two special bottles delivered every month

A wine education delivered to your door for £39/month.
Every month, you receive:
1. Lessons to help you learn about grapes, regions & more
2. Two carefully selected wines that aren't widely available
3. An understanding of the wine in your glass

8 Alternatives to The Wine List

Keep wine perfectly fresh weeks after opening the bottle.

Syphon allows you to enjoy a glass of wine today and save the rest for later – whether that’s tomorrow, next week, or a month from now. Our patent pending system uses the same high-quality preservation methods as your favorite wineries, making it easy for you to enjoy a glass of wine any day of the week without committing to the entire bottle.

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The Spoon
Sometimes at the end of a long day, you want a nice glass of red wine to relax. The trouble is, once you uncork that Cabernet, you're suddenly in a race against time before it goes bad. Drinking half (or all) of a bottle isn't the best idea, and sometimes even after just a day...
The Coolector | Online Men's Lifestyle Magazine | Design, Gear & Fashion
For those with a penchant for wine, you'll be only too aware of the problem of opening a bottle and enjoying a glass before returning it to the fridge and hoping it remains fresh but you needn't have such concerns in the future courtesy of this excellent looking Kickstarter campaign that goes by the name of Syphon and which might just revolutionise the way y… See more
Last year we announced Hardware Studio, an initiative from Kickstarter, Avnet, and Dragon Innovation that helps hardware creators get ready for manufacturing. A major part of that effort is Hardware Studio Connection, which allows qualified creators to get one-on-one advice from the electronics and manufacturing experts at Avnet and Dragon.
8 Alternatives to Syphon

Taste preferences selected based on your DNA

Wine Explorer is a DNA kit that curates wine recommendations uniquely tailored to your taste preferences and scientifically selected based on your DNA

Dang Tran
Dang Tran- Inventor of Gravity Chopsticks®
More science behind this tech.
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The fine flower of organic wine at your place in 24h

PinotBleu is the fine flower of organic wine delivered for free at your door in 24 hours.

Arrange your own 6 wines or receive each month the organic box with 2 delicious bottles + a lifestyle magazine !

🍷 Wine selection for nature, simplicity and wine lovers

⭐ The best ranked website in "Wine" on Trustpilot

👉 10€ discount with WINELOVER

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Europe 1
Le modèle traditionnel de l'entreprise telle que nous la connaissons est-il menacé ? Alors que le gouvernement a ouvert lundi la consultation publique sur la loi Pacte (pour "plan d'action pour la croissance et la transformation des entreprises") qui doit durer jusqu'au 5 février, une piste de ce texte encore brut a émergé : l'exécutif veut reconnaître des "… See more
Mlle boit du rouge
Laissez-vous guider au gré de vos envies, de votre région viticole ou de vos cépages préférés, PinotBleu se charge de tout pour que vous puissiez composer votre propre coffret de vins bio. Et pour encore plus de surprises, abonnez-vous directement à leur box.
Maddyness - Le Magazine sur l'actualité des Startups Françaises
Si 80% des achats de vin se font en grande surface, la startup PinotBleu a décidé de rendre l'achat plus simple en proposant une plateforme qui met en avant des vins produits par des vignerons respectueux de l'environnement et de leur terroir. Certifié B-Corp, le label des entreprises positives, la jeune pousse veut être le ...
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