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Wines selected by world-class experts sent to you

At Nosy, we invite a different world-class expert every month to select three of his favorite wines from all over the world that we ship directly to your door.

Restream Studio
Run professional live streams from your browser.
17 Alternatives to Nosy

Meet Albicchiere, or Albi for short, an all-in-one solution that allows you to drink your wine at the perfect temperature and preserves it for up to 8x longer than other devices

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The Albicchiere device, or 'Albi' for short, was one of dozens of new home appliances to be named a CES 2020 'Honoree' at the tech show in Las Vegas this week. Labelled as 'the smartest way to drink wine' by its inventors, the Albi has not yet been released but is another example of how tech entrepreneurs are seeking to change the way people enjoy wine at ho… See more
LAS VEGAS - It's not difficult to envision a time in the near future where virtually everything in the home is connected. Smart speakers and video doorbells have steadily increased in popularity, and it's far less strange in 2020 to watch someone ask Alexa or Google to turn off a bedroom light, turn up a song, or turn on a movie.
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We started Empathy Wines with a radical new way of selling wine, and ambitious goals. We want people to pay less for great, authentic wines by delivering them direct to their door, while shining a spotlight on top-tier grape growers, the unsung heroes of the wine world.

Founded by Gary Vaynerchuk, Jon Troutman, and Nate Scherotter

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The Wine Daily
Digital marketing mogul Gary Vaynerchuk is working to disrupt the wine industry with the launch of Empathy Wines. Empathy Wines is a concept that lets farmers sell directly to consumers, under the Empathy Wines label. This eliminates the markup consumers must pay, while also allowing farmers to earn more.
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