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12 Alternatives to Nomwell

Find the dish that's fit for you

One of the biggest challenges of maintaining a healthy diet is minimizing temptation when you’re away from home.

By recommending curated, diet-specific, location-based menu options, the HowUdish app makes it easy for you to eat well, even when you’re on the go.

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HowUdish | Find the dish that's fit for you!
There are a lot of foods out there that claim to be healthy. While many are in fact, fantastic for you, others, well, not so much. It can be difficult to cut through all the noise and figure out the best vegetarian diets. Then when you start to consider different diets, it gets even harder.
Make Your Dish Stand Out With Sponsored Dishes In HowUdish.
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A chatbot guiding users to find new taste experiences

You’re going out with friends or family, but where to go? It’s difficult to decide. ForkChoice can help you find anything you are looking for, in a fun and interactive way. The conversation AI is powered by Watson, which makes the bot super intuitive. Looking for a place to eat, some inspiration or the best cocktail in your town? Ask ForkChoice!

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Chatbot's Life
Watson. Almost everyone - at least in the tech industry - has heard of him. The IBM supercomputer, which is being used across multiple fields, ranging from crucial medical recommendations on cancer treatment to tone analyzing customer support cases. But what if you wanted to use Watson, to build your own chatbot?
Chatbot's Life
TL;DR: I recently built a chatbot, , and wanted to share some thoughts on the process. Feedback is also highly appreciated. There is a lot of talk about chatbots. The term has been misused almost as much as "Artificial Intelligence". Because what is a chatbot really?
Chatbot's Life
For about 3 months we've been working on getting our new chatbot ready for launch. The time is finally now. I wanted to take you through some of the thoughts and processes when launching a new chatbot.
5 Alternatives to ForkChoice

Find the best restaurants, cafes, and bars near you

Smakoon is a restaurant finder that can help you discover the best restaurants, cafes, and bars near you. You can find hundreds of thousands of restaurants from all over the planet Earth.

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Whether you are looking for someplace new to eat, some new place to take friends or family, or even a business acquaintance, restaurants can be tricky. Now, a Windows 10 app named Smakoon makes it a little easier. Smakoon is a free Windows 10 app, made by the developer Fetisenko.
If you've ever been in the situation where you want to go out, but are maybe new in the neighborhood and haven't the slightest idea where the closest pub is, then you know how handy a map of the local sights can be.
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4 Alternatives to Smakoon - Restaurants Finder
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