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Nokia Z Launcher alternatives and competitors

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Android launcher developed by the Nokia team MS didn't buy
Top Nokia Z Launcher alternatives
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  • Ratio is an Android home screen designed to turn mindless distraction into mindful productivity.
    3 screens with everything you need on unlock. No more endless switching between apps, use social media less and supercharge your productivity.
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  • A unique approach to create minimal yet powerful launcher to increase focus, productivity and to reduce distractions
    Supports themes
    Motivation content, facts and life-hacks
    Shows Phone usage
    Gesture support
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  • Before Launcher brings you a mindful Android experience. It facilitates focus & reduces distraction without sacrificing functionality:
    - Minimal homescreen
    - Notification filter reduces the clutter of unimportant notifications
    - Fast access to all apps
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    A great way to take a step back from the constant connection to your phone...while not giving it up completely.

  • Smart Launcher is an Android home screen replacement that propose a different way to interact with your device. Smart Launcher offers some unique features like the Ambient theme, free form widget editing, double tap actions and gestures.

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    Keep up the good work guys...

  • Eva Launcher makes it easier to use by recognizing you with Artificial Intelligence. It adapts itself without any adjustments. The artificial intelligence it uses recognizes your usage habits, usage patterns and you personally.
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