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Ambient background sounds for your Mac

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Chill N' Sound

Play and mix ambient sounds to boost productivity

Chill n' Sound is one of my weekend projects. It was heavily inspired by Noisli and ASoftMurmur and is in no way ment to replace them. I chose to release it here since people that tested it, after it was made enjoyed it very much. All feedback is welcome!

Futi- Product Hunt YYC
Chill N' Sound is the free version of Noisli
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Unlimited control over real-world sounds

Shawn Bagley
An awesome little app by the makers of RjDj that filters the noises around you. You just connect your headphones, select one of the filters, and you're good to go. The "office" filter takes out all of the harsh sounds of the work environment and changes them into harmonics so you can concentrate. Highly recommend.
michael breidenbrück-,,, etc.
hi guys, hi @seanevd Michael from RjDj here. Indeed, it is the same developer. RjDj is back in town :-)
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Nature sound

Background noise generator for work and relaxation

Andrey Nikishaev- CEO at Kudos (
Nature Sound — free sound generator of background noises for work, rest and meditation. We use realistic and high quality sounds so you can actually feel like you are walking in the forest or sitting at the bonfire. This can help you relax and be in a better mood during work. All sounds are fully customizable. Nature Sound great features: Future updates: ★… See more
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Noise generator ideal for working and relaxing.

dimitar inchev- Team Coworkies &
Definitely Noisli is the app that save me from all the distractions by a easy ambient sound mix & match. As weird as it might sound I use rain, fire & airplane propellers. Great sound combo! They have web, chrome add-on, iOS and Android version.
Aleksandra- Product Marketing
Helps to concentrate and get some work done. Especially helpful if you work in the open-space office or a coworking space (both usually have a lot of distractions).
Foscolos Nick- into design and computers
Many custom noise combinations. The first service I found with train sound!
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Relaxing Soundscape

Design your own relaxing soundscape for relaxation & sleep.

DarekDoesStuff- Music composer, @RelaxingSndApp creator.
Hello Product Hunters. My name is Darek and I would like to present my little app to the community. Relaxing Soundscape is my musical composition application created to help people who experience difficulty sleeping, difficulty falling or staying asleep or who just can’t disconnect from everyday tasks and thought, or not being able to relax or be at ease wh… See more
8 Alternatives to Relaxing Soundscape

Relaxing World

Create your ambiance and mood using high-quality 3D sounds

Alexander Kopachov- Senior Software Engineer
Hi, my name is Alex Kopachov. I developed a cool new web app called Relaxing World that allows to create wonderful sound scenes, which meets the needs of user's body and mind, improves user's mood and mental state, and enhances the positive perception of the world. You can select one of the wonderful backgrounds and combine different calming and soothing sou… See more
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Rainy Mood

Soothing rain for studying and productivity

Nick Abouzeid 🕴- Social & Ship at Product Hunt
Perfect for when your roommate chews just a little too loudly & you need something to block it out. You can't make me
I put on at about 60% volume and then about about 15%. very calming and focuses me like nothing else. The random interjections from youarelistening keep the rain sounds from making me space out. I have at times added in a couple of other sound layers at various volumes as well.
1 Alternatives to Rainy Mood

What do you do when you need silence in a noisy environment?

dimitar inchevTeam Coworkies &
Noizio - Ambient background sounds for your Mac
"Noizio is one of the best ambient sound generators. It's a minimal native Mac app that lives in your menu bar featuring calming ☔️, cheery… See more
Spotify - Any song. One tap away.
"There are some great ambient noise playlists that are great! Even better if you have noise blocking headphones."

What is one app that you can't live without?

Emily MillerGot App? =>
Spotify - Any song. One tap away.
"Good and easy to make a deal and discuss with your company and partners"

What is your favorite macOS menubar app?

Sindre SorhusMaker · macOS Developer · Open-Sourcerer
Bartender 2 - Organize and hide menu bar items on your Mac
"It's awesome. I hide almost everything I click once a day and let just Fantastical + VPN + WIFI + Battery + Clock"
f.lux - Adjusts your computer's display to adapt to the time of day
"I've been letting macOS handle this recently, but the Apple offering is still very limited. f.lux is still far superior. Per app exclusions… See more
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