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Nifty Project Management alternatives and competitors

7 reviews

Nifty is a new-wave project management tool that reduces project development cycles and improves team productivity by combining collaboration, communication, and automation. Imagine Asana, Slack, & Trello in one truly collaborative workspace!

Top alternatives for Nifty Project Management

Automate your SOC 2, HIPAA, & ISO 27001 compliance
  • Flow

    Flow is beautiful project and task management software for teams everywhere.

    The new Flow introduces a brand-new look and feel, powerful project planning and resource management tools, and greater flexibility for different teams and workflows.

    My favourite team management tool out of Trello, Basecamp, Asana and Pivotal tracker. My team was using the previous version of Flow for a c…

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  • Roadmap v.1.0

    4 reviews

    Plan sprints, manage workload and track their progress visually.

    Great work!

  • Product Frameworks

    Product Frameworks helps you find and learn about product frameworks used to build great products.

  • Zenkit

    Zenkit is a tool you can use to organize anything: Collaborate with your team, track projects, build databases, or simply manage your personal to-do lists. Zenkit is flexible enough to fit any workflow, and powerful enough to run your business on.

    Overall a great app with awesome performance!

  • Whimsical Sticky Notes

    7 reviews

    Whimsical Sticky Notes is a visual project management tool designed for effective communication.

    It's like physical stickies but collaborative and limitless. Great for Kanban, Affinity Mapping, Lean Canvas, Story Mapping etc.

    I logged into PH after maybe 2 years out just to upvote this thing. The article about why you shouldn't wireframe in sketch is spot on true …

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  • Zube

    Simple project management for developers
  • Notion Growth Workspace

    2 reviews
    The leading frameworks and techniques in project management, SEO, fundraising, marketing, and sales. All available in a fully customizable and dynamic Notion template. Preloaded with an investor CRM, startup tools, templates and events.
  • Frme

    3 reviews
    You can now find us at https://orsolo.com
    Our productivity tool is aimed at individual users who want to project manage without all the team features. Create Kanban boards, write notes, upload files & more all in one project.

    Really nice and clean design, easy to use. Good work @iice89 and team :)

  • Sunsama Product Manager Kit

    Sunsama brings together all the work you need to do each day from across your different tools. The Product Manager Kit features new integrations with Trello, Asana, Jira, and Google Calendar so even the busiest PMs can stay on top of their work.

  • Productive

    8 reviews

    Productive is a tool built with over a decade of project management experience. Designed to support agency business processes, with a strong focus on profitability insights, Productive handles your workflow from sale to invoicing and everything in between. Try out Productive in a free 30-day trial and let us know what you think.

    Combines all the good stuff from Trello, JIRA and Asana!

  • Vitally

    1 review

    Vitally helps your team ensure that the right customers continuously use your product in the right way. By unifying your product usage and subscription data, combined with powerful metrics & alerts, we help you get ahead of churn, build truly successful customers, and find product-market fit.

    Vitally is incredibly easy to use and has one of the best on boarding experiences I have seen in a long time. In just a couple minutes, you'…

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  • TeamGrid

    TeamGrid is a beautiful project management software for companies. TeamGrid brings all the relevant features to improve the efficiency of your daily work.

  • Goalhacker

    Goalhacker is a project hub for you and your team that makes it possible to organize all of your project-related documents into one space. This includes documents, notes, tasks and all documents from other critical tools your organization relies on.

  • Partyline

    Use Slack to manage your projects
  • ZenHub 2.0

    Agile project management inside GitHub.
  • Agantty

    2 reviews

    With this free project management tool, you can organize and plan an unlimited amount of projects, tasks and teams on the basis of a Gantt-chart. You can administer an unlimited amount of teams and tasks with a single account, as well as look up your To-Dos on a neat dashboard.

    The view options could also be improved to have a global view of the entire map.

  • Harvestr 2.0

    7 reviews
    Free options
    The all-in-one product management tool where impact-driven teams collaborate to build successful products.
  • Zenkit Projects

    19 reviews
    What defines an ideal project management solution? For us, it’s a place where everyone can come together and focus on the things that really matter. Projects provides the tools, reports, global views, and dashboard you need to keep your projects on track.
  • Tapwater

    2 reviews

    Tapwater is home for your projects.

    1. Create freeform posts of milestones, deliverables, meeting notes, etc.

    2. Clients and stakeholders get emailed every time you post, and can respond without ever making an account.

    3. Your whole team and the client have a 50k foot view of the project at all times.

    Given its different approach to project management, it might take a bit before you get the best out of it (especially if you come from Basec…

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  • Zluri

    2 reviews
    Zluri is an enterprise SaaS Management Platform (SMP). It helps you discover, manage, optimize, and secure your SaaS applications from a single dashboard. In short, Zluri puts the IT teams back in control of their new SaaS-ified landscape