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New Gmail

The new version of Gmail web

Google presents the new version of Gmail web with new security and intelligent features. Do more without leaving your inbox, with easy access to apps including Calendar, Tasks and Keep. Smart Reply helps you respond to messages faster.

Go into settings and select "Try new Gmail"

10 alternative and related products to New Gmail

Airmail 3

A simple, beautiful email client for Mac and iOS

Matteo Gavagnin- I love to imagine, design and create
Airmail lightning-fast mail client with pro features.
Stephen Parker- Virtual Assistant, Zirtual
Fantastic interface, integration with different services like Trello. Scheduling, email templates, snoozing, etc. The works! Only con is that one time an email didn't send out on time and it was reflected in the irritate response a coworker gave me. But since then, all have gone out exactly on time!
Eli Or- Front End Developer, Dynamic Yield
Use this on my Mac. Way better than Spark.
11 Alternatives to Airmail 3

Airmail for iOS

One of the best Mac email clients, now on iPhone

Mauro A. Fuentes
The best mail client for iOS
Vinh Pham- 🤤
I use Airmail both on MacOS and iOS. Supports 3D touch and workflow integration with a number of apps.
Vinh Pham- 🤤
Airmail is my pick due to its easy interface, support and customization for multiple accounts, and workflow integrations.
12 Alternatives to Airmail for iOS

Ridiculously simple, incredibly powerful organization

Kyle Conarro- Co-Founder @ Ad Reform / Userfeed ties into email, but it also has outlining (similar to WorkFlowy) to make it easy to get your lists down and organized. Very useful for day-to-day task management.
Max Yakin Bozek- Designer
In the old days I found to be a more modern and nicer version of WorkFlowy but now it turned out to be most focused on being more an email manager than an outliner.
Mark Gammon- Sociologist, academic technologist
I've been using and really enjoying for a while now. The new update has made lots of improvements and the developer is very engaged and responsive to users. It's a powerful tool for brining together tasks, email, notes, and calendar.
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Lightning fast mail client for OS X

Sumangal Vinjamuri- Growth Manager, Granular Insights
Best email client I have used thus far, for my iPhone. Syncs both work and personal IDs, and has a ton of features for managing my email productively.
Matt Heslington
Excellent for those working with a large number of email accounts.
Mike Bianchini- Chief Operating Officer, Municibid
Tried probably 5-8 different mail apps and this is the best. Works great for multiple accounts and the UI is very nice.
4 Alternatives to Airmail

What's the best email product you use for your startup or business?

Trell WestCreative
New Gmail - The new version of Gmail web
"Gmail and GSuite - incredible value. Light years ahead of what any hosting provider will ever be able to offer."

What mail client do you use on your Mac?

Leo BassamFounder, CEO at
New Gmail - The new version of Gmail web
"I'm using Gmail app via Station ( Working fine so far."
Spark for Mac - Beautiful and intelligent email app
"I'm using Spark as it has a very consistent UX across desktop, mobile, and tablet apps."
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