Alternative products to Nevercode 2.0

3 alternative and related products to Nevercode 2.0

Nevercode 2.0
Write code and let us take care of your build servers

Nevercode 2.0 is a continuous integration service for teams who want to build high quality mobile apps

3 Alternatives to Nevercode 2.0

Webtasks brings Node 8 and no cold starts to the Serverless

Webtasks allows users to write & deploy NodeJS code without having to think about the underlying server. Using the Serverless Webtask Integration allows users to write their serverless services using the standard serverless.yml configuration. What's different: No cold starts, Node 8 support, Presistent data storage and less than 2min setup.

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When we set out to build the serverless framework, we wanted to streamline how developers build things and how they interact with cloud providers. We strive to get developers to the "aha" 💡 moment of the serverless experience as soon a possible.
Auth0 - Blog
If you are developing solutions using Serverless architecture then there's a good chance you've heard of the Serverless Framework. Serverless provides a tool that makes it much easier for you to deploy functions to the cloud, by handling all the setup and plumbing for you. Initially Serverless was only available for AWS Lambda.
3 Alternatives to Serverless + Auth0 Webtasks
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