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5 alternative and related products to Neue Products

Neue Products

Dot grid books for designers and magnetic iPhone cables

5 Alternatives to Neue Products

Deal with annoying tangled wires for your headphones

Gary 2.0 is a headphone organizer for people who have no time to untangle their headphones.

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Your pockets are more powerful than you're giving them credit for. After all, you can unplug a pair of earbuds from your phone - fully untangled, might we add - slip them into your pocket (or purse, or whatever), and before long the cables are mysteriously tangled together like cherry stems on a contortionist's tongue.
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5 Alternatives to Gary 2.0

Dot Grid Books, Journals and Notepads for designers, bullet journalists, illustrators, note-takers and scribblers. Premium paper products made in the UK 🇬🇧

Sam Rye
Sam Rye- Founder
Pen & paper is more flexible and powerful for activities where you want to be focused less on the method of input, and more on the creative pursuit of documenting and designing a business model.
5 Alternatives to Dot Grid Notebooks
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