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7 alternative and related products to Nectar Desk

Nectar Desk
Your call center software in the cloud
7 Alternatives to Nectar Desk

Simplest way to own a business phone number

Get a business phone number, local or toll-free, with powerful features to make your business stand out. OpenPhone separates your business and personal communications so you can stay in touch with your customers easier. Fully customize your phone to make your business look professional.

Daryna Kulya
Daryna Kulya- Co-Founder @ OpenPhone | Product Hunt TO
We do this at OpenPhone (disclosure - I'm a part of the team) We offer US, Canadian and 1-800 numbers currently so if you're looking for one of these numbers, check us out!
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The Globe and Mail
A pair of Kitchener, Ont.-based entrepreneurs are trying to give smartphone-dependent small-business owners some much-needed work-life balance with their OpenPhone voice-over-IP (VOIP) application. OpenPhone is a monthly subscription service that gives users a local or toll-free phone number that can be used for business calls and texts on their personal sma… See more
Meet OpenPhone, a startup in the current Y Combinator batch. The company has been working on an app to make it easier to get and use a business phone number. You don't need a second phone, you don't need to get an expensive solution designed for big teams. "Both my cofounder and I grew up [...]
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Mobile phones into a business class phone system in 3 mins

Spoke is a platform that turns employee cell phones into a smart business phone system in three minutes or less. Spoke says “there are no desk phones, no hardware, no wires, and you don’t need an IT guy to set it up” - it’s just the right amount of big phone system features, made dead simple to use right inside your mobile phone.

Sasha Viasasha
Sasha Viasasha
Simple to use and provides all the PBX features you need in a simple app. Love that it intergrates with the native dialer and masks my personal phone number, keeps my call data organized and allows me to stay professional on the go.
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Oh, startups. We just can't seem to get enough of them. In the past few months, we've explored the buzzing Australian ecosystem in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Before we move on from this series we wanted to take a quick...
Email and texting has made young workers shy away from making phone calls, but a Kiwi entrepreneur says his phone app could change that. San Francisco-based Jason Kerr co-founded his fifth company, phone management system Spoke, in 2015 after he saw his staff making increasingly fewer phone calls.
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