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Nebia Shower alternatives and competitors

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Top alternatives for Nebia Shower

Automate your SOC 2, HIPAA, & ISO 27001 compliance
  • Livin Shower

    Livin is an elegant way to tap a button and get the perfect shower. Temperature, water saving, smart integration, easy install, and a sleek design.

  • Rua Power Shower

    1 review

    Rua Power Shower is the next generation of showering that helps to cut water usage without compromising on the experience. Rua's innovative spray system provides better stimulation of the nerve endings, gives you better efficiency in cleansing and rinsing and more even pressure on the skin. It has more coverage and better spray force.

    Definitely seems like a very environmentally conscious idea. I like it :)

  • dripdrip

    1 review
    Originally created for the Fixathon (https://fixathon.io) dripdrip was created to help you keep track of your water usage to become more aware and take action!
  • Nutrl Towel

    Bath towels infused with silver backed by a Lifetime Odor-Free Guarantee. Made with EPA approved anti-odor silver and 100% American-grown Supima cotton. Funded on Kickstarter!

  • OaSense

    A smart shower head with a sensor
  • Shlocker

    A Shower Locker for your personal care products
  • TubShroom®

    1 review

    TubShroom® is a unique plug that fits inside, neatly collecting hair around its unique cylindrical design while water flows freely. Simply wipe TubShroom off and GO! No harsh chemicals. No more tangled messes. TubShroom fits any standard tub drain and is guaranteed to catch every single hair every time you take a shower.

    TubShroom has been a very useful product in my home.

  • SWON

    Shower smarter with a connected conservation shower adapter
  • Pine

    Pine enables you to adopt and share the best eco lifehacks ("ecohacks")—simple yet empowering habits that save time, money, and resources. Pine is currently available only for iPhone in the US. 2017 Product Hunt Global Hackathon participant.

  • The Green Checklist

    The Green Checklist is a checklist of impactful sustainability tips to help you live more eco-friendly and improve the planet by reducing your carbon footprint.

  • Weezie

    We have designed the perfect towel for every bathroom and every body. Say goodbye to your old towels and say hello to modern luxury.