Alternative products to Narrative Clip 2

5 alternative and related products to Narrative Clip 2

Narrative Clip 2
A wearable camera that captures moments of your life
5 Alternatives to Narrative Clip 2

OrCam MyMe device instantly recognizes faces and tells you who is in front of you – in real time – by sending a notification to your phone or smartwatch.

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OrCam is no stranger to wearable cameras. Earlier this year during CES 2018, the company debuted the MyEye 2.0 which is camera attachment that would help the blind "see". This worked by the camera being able to detect what's in front of it and relay that information back to the user, although the downside is that it needed to be clipped onto a pair of glasse… See more
The Verge
An AI vision company is launching a wearable camera for tracking your relationships. If that sounds creepy... well, it sort of is. And if it sounds useful, it might be that, too. It's a device that seems almost custom-built to tap into our fears about how technology will change relationships.
4 Alternatives to OrCam MyMe
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