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NameChk alternatives and competitors

2 reviews
See if your username is available on 100+ social networks

Top alternatives for NameChk

MicroMRR by MicroAcquire
Free valuations and analytics for your SaaS startup
  • NameQL

    8 reviews

    NameQL helps you find a great name. It considers thousands of potential names in milliseconds and shows you the best, and only the ones where [name].com is available.

    Tried it out. I think it's an easy tool to help you think through your process.

  • Weird One Character Domain Superstore

    1 review

    Find available one character domains with international symbols. The .com TLD and many others are available.

    For the right person, 𐋈.dog is the best domain of all time.

  • Namewink

    4 reviews
    Namewink helps you get name ideas for your next business, startup, website, blog or side-project. Choose an industry to get more relevant names and select from a list of over 1200 TLDs for domain availability checks.
  • Handlescout

    2 reviews

    Handlescout is a free service that notifies you by email when your desired Twitter username becomes available.

    Definitely something I wanted to avoid checking by myself.

    Thank you! 🙏🏻❤️

  • Onym

    1 review

    Tools and resources for naming things, because naming things is hard. But doesn't have to be.

    To find a Name today is really, really tough. Even more if you schedule to be International (differences of meanings etc). You need a solid …

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  • Earlyname

    Ever wanted a short twitter handle like @tom or @ryan? Only the earliest adopters got these.
    Earlyname lets you track your ideal username. Each month we send you a list of new apps, games and websites, and check if your username is available to claim.
  • UserBuddy

    2 reviews
    UserBuddy is a simple tool that lets you check the availability of your favorite username almost instantly across 50+ social media platforms.

    Maybe adding some other cool features

  • Shuuka

    Shuuka is not a social network! Our project consists of facilitating the links by using a specific name for all social networks.

  • Namedat

    Facts and stats about your name
  • UserHunt

    1 review
    How many times have you found out the ideal domain name only to realize that the social accounts have been already taken?
    Enter UserHunt.co - a search engine that goes to all the social, tech and creative sites to check if your desired username is available.
  • usernameCLI

    Very often while registering to new websites we try to keep the same username across all the websites.
    I created a simple command line tool to find out the availability of your favorite username right from your CLI. Find out the availability on a particular website or all the websites in an instant.
  • NameRobot Toolbox

    Classic, cool, creative, crazy names? Find your next product name with enjoyable name generators and handy name-checking tools. Get maximum name inspiration at the touch of a button - with NameRobot Toolbox.
  • Acct.Watch

    AcctWatch monitors accounts for you. Unless you have a registered trademark, there's not much you can do to get any site to hand back a handle. Let robots check for you! Who knows when your dream handle will open? 🤙 🤖

  • Shuuka Key

    2 reviews

    Shuuka Plugin is a plugin which helps you to carry the day to day with just a nickname, you can log in your social networks with a nickname and you will not have to list all your accounts, we do that for you.

    is a really nice tool with good feature

  • Dumbhandles

    How fast can you cop the coolest handle?
    All profit is being destinated to the Latinx Fund to support young builders to keep doing it.
    A fun drop from @coolhumansxyz