Alternative products to My Talking Panda

7 alternative and related products to My Talking Panda

My Talking Panda

Panda virtual pet game

7 Alternatives to My Talking Panda

A super cute virtual pet, delivered right to your inbox.

Inbox Creature is a virtual pet for email, made using click automations at AWeber. Sign up and you'll get the little blob delivered to your inbox with a choice to feed it one of two things. Based on that choice, your creature will change and grow. There are currently 3 days worth of choices, but I'll be adding more if people like it!

Chris Vasquez
Chris Vasquez- Creative Director at AWeber
I made this, so of course I have to recommend it! It's super duper fun and I'm adding tons of new content.
Rebecca Pollard
Rebecca Pollard- Digital Marketing Manager, AWeber
The email Tamagotchi experience.
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Inbox Creature is a virtual email pet made with click automations by AWeber, a global email marketing service used by over 100,000+ small businesses, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. Users sign up, name their pet, and receive a little blob delivered to their inbox, along with two...
5 Alternatives to Inbox Creature

Your virtual pet in augmented reality

Do your kids want a pet? But for some reason, it's just not possible?

Teach your kids responsibility by caring for monsters. You have to take care of them,

feed them, wash them, play with them. Just like a real pet. But that's not all!

There are fun features like charging by magnetic levitation in a wireless dock.

Augmented reality and much more. Are you ready to be part of the Monstuz family?

5 Alternatives to Monstuz

Stay focused & hatch rare creatures

Hatch is a new game for iOS to help users stay focused and use their phone less. Use it to study, work, or just to take a break from all the noise. The more you focus, the more rare creatures you'll discover.

7 Alternatives to Hatch
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