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8 alternative and related products to My 90's TV

My 90's TV
TV from your childhood
8 Alternatives to My 90's TV

Celebrating 25 years since they took the world by storm, POGs are making their return.

Play, trade and collect as you battle to the top of the global leaderboards in POGs AR.

Use the power of augmented reality to scan your POG Slammers and unlock powerful upgrades in the mobile game.

Then smash your opponent and take all their POGs!

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Nintendo started the trend of revitalizing aging franchises with augmented reality-enabled mobile games and it appears as though POGs - those cardboard discs from the '90s that took over schoolyards and locker rooms - are now following suit.
בשנות ה-90, הרבה לפני שגעונות כמו סליים או פורטנייט, לא ניתן היה למצוא כמעט אף ילד שבילקוטו לא היתה חבילה של פוגים - דיסקיות קרטון ועליהן הדפסים מוזרים או ממותגים, שילדי ישראל והעולם אספו, הפכו ונלחמו עליהן. אם הייתה חסרה לכם טיפת נוסטלגיה בשנת 2018, תשמחו וודאי לדעת שהפוגים עומדים לחזור לחיינו - אבל עם טוויסט.
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Nostalgia is a money grab these days, and a lot of game outfits and developers are cashing in on gamers in their 30s and 40s wanting to play the classics on their smartphones.
POGs, one of the bigger trends of the 90's is making its return to the mainsteam, modernized with a fresh coat of Augmented Reality scented paint. The 90's was an era that brought with it a slew of trends.
Pocket Gamer
This week we learned that '90s playground fad POGs were due a comeback in the form of a mobile AR game. POGs AR mobile game incoming POGs: The Mobile Game has its own Indiegogo campaign underway, with a pitch video fronted by UK TV presenter Ortis Deeley.
This is Money
Pogs were launched in 1995 in the UK and around 30 million have been sold An Indigogo campaign has been launched to create a virtual pog game A collection of more than 5,800 pogs sold on eBay for £215 in March this year While a 'Chupa Caps - City People Series' set of pogs in green went for £122 If you remember collecting pogs in the 1990s, or if your childr… See more
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Augmented reality (AR) is one of those tech topics it can be a little tricky to get your head around. Unlike virtual reality (VR) which sees users absorbed in a virtual world using a VR headset, augmented reality is a mix between the real world and the virtual.
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