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Muzli 2

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15 alternative and related products to Muzli 2

Panda 5 Beta

A smart news reader, powered by integrations.

Ryan Haigh
Rather than a website, how about a collection of websites and visual resources? The Panda plugin is nothing but trouble, as I often find myself unintendedly diving down rabbit holes thanks to Panda's aggregation and customization capabilities. The plugin is easily tuned to your desires.
Baruch Yochai- Product Manager
Great place to see all news in one place
William Channer- Co-founder of Panda
Brings everything into one place so you don't miss out on the good stuff.
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The best way to save and share inspiration

Savee is the best way for you to save and share inspiration. It let's you organize your grid the way you want, with options to choose column size and padding between images, you can save images into a collection. Download the Chrome or Safari extension and start saving today.

Juan Vaamonde- Senior UI/UX designer at Channel 7
I've tried many different tools in the past for saving design inspiration, but they all had cons that convinced me to keep looking. Evernote, Dropmark, Pinterest, Pixave, Inboard. Ultimately all I wanted was an easy way to view a grid of images I'd saved. I wanted to be able to change the column size and gutter size. Savee is exactly that.
Chris Messina- Product designer & entrepreneur
I think this tool is designed for what you're trying to do... I can't personally vouch for it though.
Showcase and discover the latest work from top online portfolios by creative professionals across industries.
4 Alternatives to Savee

What is the best way to stay updated with the latest design trends?

Vittorio BanfiBotsociety co-founder & CEO
Sidebar - 5 curated design links, every day
" is an awesome newsletter by designer/developer/entrepreneur, which sends 5 design links every single day."
Behance - Online platform to showcase & discover creative work
"Showcase & discover creative work. Inspiration in various design verticals -illustrations, motion, graphic, branding, Interctions, etc.… See more
Muzli 2 - All the design inspiration you need
"They have awesome weekly articles on design trends."

What are some apps you use every day?

Slack - Be less busy. Real-time messaging, archiving & search.
"It can be dizzying to consider how many Slack channels I'm running congruently. But I wouldn't want to communicate any other way."
Spotify - Any song. One tap away.
"Discover Weekly is amazing at recommending music + sharing playlists with friends is super easy."
Product Hunt 4.0 - Now with Reviews, Badges, Web Links, and more ✨
"Maybe AskPH more than PH now."

What are the best websites/apps to learn something new every day?

Artem ZavyalovCo-founder @Highbrow
Highbrow 2.0 - Bite-sized courses delivered to your inbox every morning
"I really liked some of the courses on Highbrow. A bit hit or miss, but it allows you to get slightly stuck into a single subject over a wee… See more
Muzli 2 - All the design inspiration you need
"It's great Chrome extension for learning something new everyday"

What's the best source for design inspiration?

Armand JayFounder at Artwxrk, Inc. Student at CSU.
Dribbble - Show and tell for designers (web interface inspiration)
"Dribbble is THE place for design inspiration. Warning, it's easy to become addicted."
Muzli 2 - All the design inspiration you need
"Nicely curated selection. Their Medium page is an even better read!"
Collect UI - Daily inspiration collected from #dailyui archive and beyond
"I'm daily curating and categorizing from Dribbble popular shots. Now over 8000 designs saved in 147 categories."
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