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Mixes intended for listening while programming

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Code with epic background music tracks 👨‍💻🎧

CodingRadio™ helps programmers discover the best soundtracks to match their state of mind. Regardless of whether you are squashing bugs in your code or you are building and launching the next Facebook, CodingRadio™ gives you hand-picked playlists to match your mood.

The Story of how we got Featured on Product Hunt and became Top #2 Most Popular App Worldwide. Fam, you know me. I'm all about positivity, optimism and perseverance. I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for sticking with my crazy adventures and experiments.
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What websites do you have bookmarked?

Gabriel Lewis🤔
Medium 2.0 - A new look, app, and features to move thinking forward
"Read many cool articles there :)"

What is you favorite album, music, artist to listen to when programming?

samAssistant Principal. Father of twins.
musicForProgramming(); - Mixes intended for listening while programming
"Some of the best tracks compiled in one long track and curated as a growing playlist. Highly recommended."
Van Schneider Mixtapes - Carefully crafted mixtapes for creatives.
"He has a bunch of mixtapes curated for specific moods or scenarios like working late at night."

What's the best curated playlist for focus, working/studying?

KaleighFounder, ShopTalk - Music for the brain to improve focus, meditation & sleep
"It's a solution to the problem!"
Focus@Will - Online radio designed by Neuroscientists for productivity
"Online radio, built by a group of neuroscientists to foster productivity. Worth a shot!" - Music for work, productivity, and flow.
"Great one"
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