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Munt alternatives and competitors

Munt is an easy to use payment gateway for accepting multiple cryptocurrencies with just 5 lines of code. Munt's features include; accept and withdraw 6+ currencies, send email receipts, refund failed payments and much much more.

Top alternatives for Munt

Tap into cash-flowing commercial real estate investments
  • Coinbase Commerce

    Coinbase Commerce is a platform to accept multiple digital currencies with ease through a fully customizable integration.

    My team at Cointaxes.com applied for access with a use-case for the service and we were quickly granted a log-in. Excited to get it implemen…

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  • Revolut Cryptocurrency

    Revolut introduces the easiest, fastest way to buy, hold and exchange Bitcoin, Ether and Litecoin at the best possible exchange rate.

    This implementation really seems to be aimed at people who see cryptocurrencies as an investment asset, rather than a true currency - and I …

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  • Signals

    Signals is a platform that allows its users build, manage and test algotrading models for cryptocurrency market with no programming skills. Based on deep learning, sentiment analysis and media monitoring.

    As the beta finishes and the product is finalized I believe the growth will come.

  • Accepting

    Accepting is a growing list of retaillers and service providers that let you pay with Bitcoin.

  • Savvy

    Savvy is the easiest way to accept cryptocurrencies💰in your SaaS or ecommerce business. We support 7 cryptocurrencies with more on the way.

    We currently support:

    Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, DASH, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum Classic and more soon.

    I am a new today is the first day

  • Crumbs

    Crumbs lets you turn your spare change into a portfolio of crypto assets. We make investing in crypto assets a mindless and automated process.

    1. Link a debit or credit card

    2. Select a strategy or create your own

    3. Mindlessly grow a impressive and diverse crypto portfolio

    A couple of question.

    Whats the fees?

    why do one need bank when mostly we pay by credit cards. Why bank needs to be connected but not credit …

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  • ElioPay

    ElioPay makes it easy to accept payments with credit cards 💳, PayPal and cryptocurrencies in the same integration. Create a payment form, share the page URL or add it to your website.

    Good work!

  • 0x Instant

    0x Instant is a new product from the 0x core team that offers a convenient way for people to get access to a wide variety of tokens in just a few taps. Developers can integrate the open source library into their applications in order to both offer seamless access to crypto-assets and earn revenue, with just a few lines of code.

    samples should also include examples of erc721 and not just erc720

  • Ethnamed

    Ethnamed is chrome plugin - cold wallet for btc, ltc, dash, eth. Allows to bind email address with crypto addresses. Extends web3 protocol to btc, ltc, dash, eth for developers.


  • Accept Crypto

    Accept Crypto is a database of companies that tells you if they accept Cryptocurrencies or not.

  • DAuth

    DAuth is an easy to integrate Authentication for the decentralized web.

  • CoinFriendly

    CoinFriendly was created to help people from across the globe discover businesses that transact using cryptocurrency around them. The next time you step out wondering where you can spend your digital money, CoinFriendly will help guide you to the right store.

  • BitLaunch

    Simple, fast, secure. Launch servers with DigitalOcean, Vultr and Linode. Pay with Bitcoin and 10+ other cryptocurrencies.

  • Fliqpay

    Fliqpay is a cryptocurrency payment gateway that helps businesses in Africa accept cryptocurrency payments from anywhere the world and get settled instantly in their local currency.
  • CoinProfile

    With CoinProfile, you can accept crypto payments and donations easily to your existing crypto wallet addresses without hassles. All you need to do is create a profile and add your wallet addresses. A unique profile link is created for you.
  • Payenium

    Our startup will provide blockchain based payment gateway service for every type of business all over the World. We are not tool, We are service! We will provide POS solutions for offline (local) businesses and free crypto wallets for everyone.
  • CCashCow

    CCashCow is a small app that sits between your site/app and the payment processors it uses (Square, Coinbase Commerce). Your app offloads to CCashCow everything but the bare minimum needed for it to accept payments so that you don't have to bother with APIs.
  • Bitnet

    Bitcoin payment processing from CyberSource pros
  • WooCoinbase

    WooCoinbase allows you to easily integrate Coinbase Commerce to your WooCommerce store's checkout.

    Website is setup to mimic WooCommerce, but has no links to it, poorly added images, missing any legal information, privacy policy, support i…

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  • Coinseed - beta

    Crypto Back is Coinseed’s new feature which lets you earn cash backs in crypto. Link your cards to Coinseed and start shopping. Your cash backs will be automatically credited to your Coinseed account when you shop at merchants like Amazon, Walmart and Ebay using the affiliate links in the app.