Alternative products to Multi-Step Zaps by Zapier

Multi-Step Zaps by Zapier

The easiest way to build powerful workflows with your apps

15 alternative and related products to Multi-Step Zaps by Zapier

The New IFTTT App

Do more with the services you love

Ben Tossell- Partner, The Upstarters
I like IFTTT for automated things, adding stuff to calendar, spreadsheets - linking email, etc.
Shivam Dewan- Co-founder @Pecul, UX researcher.
Saves lot of time and makes life easier!
Linden Tibbets- Works at IFTTT
Every day we get 100s of requests to make IFTTT do more, multiple actions, conditionals, etc. We've always believed that we could make something more powerful AND easier to use. Applets allow a broader audience to turn on new experiences for any of the services they use. They also allow those ready for something more powerful than a just a recipe to access t… See more
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Build powerful integrations between any service

Rich Waldron- co-founder,
Wow, thanks @mutlu82 for sharing. We're thrilled to open up Flows and our workflow editor today. Check out our blog for a deeper intro to flows: Please get in touch if you'd like help setting up your integration, or to have your service added as a connector on the platform (hit me up directly or hunt us down on o… See more
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Do more with the services you love

Lisa Dziuba- Swift Learner & Founder
With IFTTT you can set up rules for almost all case. I'm sure you can do #1 with it, not sure about #2
John McLaren
Incredibly useful with hundreds if not thousands of actions available. If I take a picture with my phone it automatically uploads it to my Dropbox. If I enter or leave an area it's automatically recorded etc. etc. The latter useful when I query my pay hours
Jessica Lodge- Product Manager
IFTTT - Automates your entire app/internet-connected things catalogue. You can easily set UI friendly IF statements to automate an action on twitter if a separate action occurs on instagram for example. It's also great for personal life automated triggers.
Jamison Ross- IFTTT
Have an idea for a new Channel on IFTTT? We'd love to hear it!
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Push by Zapier

A Chrome extension to automate 500+ apps, powered by Zapier

Push by Zapier is the quickest way to add data to 750+ web apps. Just make a Zapier workflow, then push the Zapier Chrome extension's button to start that workflow with any text or link you enter.

Matthew Guay- Marketing @ Zapier
Hey Product Hunt! Today we officially launched our new app and Chrome extension: Push by Zapier. Generally, Zapier automates your apps in the background, and you don't need to think about it. But sometimes, you just want to press a button and watch your workflow run. That's what Push is all about. It connects to 500+ apps, and lets you automate custom, on… See more
Allowing users to trigger API functionality from the browser adds an empowering dimension to the API conversation for non-developers. It allows the average user to access the features of any SaaS platform with an API, in their default environment--the browser.
The Next Web
Thanks to the emergence of Web-based tools and services, most of us work primarily in the browser these days, and that means it's our main productivity center. Google Chrome is far and away the most popular browser around and it supports a huge number of extensions, which are essentially plugins that add functionality to your browser.
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If Evernote + IFTTT + Excel had a baby

Derek Draper- CEO, Pattern
@hnshah thanks for hunting us! I’m Derek, co-founder at Pattern. Sales is hard. I know this because I’ve spent nearly my whole career as a salesperson, sales ops resource or sales manager. My co-founders and I were tired of seeing our friends in the sales trenches struggle day in and day out to stay on top of the never-ending stream of work using tools t… See more
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Automating the ops you hate so you can do the work you love.

Geoff McQueen- Co-founder & CEO, Accelo
Thanks for hunting Accelo! We launched Accelo a few months ago but just took away the "sales-wall" so folks can sign up for a free trial and give it a test drive without needing to talk to a sales person ;-) After building my own digital agency - and getting frustrated with having too many damn tools that didn't talk to each other - my co-founders and I bu… See more
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