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Multi New Tab

Your favorite sites on Chrome's new tab.

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Turn your browser start page into a personal dashboard Founder, provides a cross-browser bookmark manager. The visual interface makes it easy to organize and find your saved links. Also comes with tons of other features: like Broken Link Checker, RSS feeds, Notes and various sharing options.
Tweegenic1- Noble Investor is an advanced online bookmark manager where you can keep your collection of bookmarks organized on a personal dashboard (that you can share with others).
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excellent tools, email, rss and more in one tab, very useful
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Serendipity Tab

A beautiful browser extension of the news from The Atlantic

Serendipity Tab offers a new story from The Atlantic, hand-picked by our newsroom, every time you open a new tab. No timers, to-do lists, RSS feeds, mail notifications, Julianne fries — just a good story to read.

Every so often on The Atlantic's Product team, we drop what we're doing and spend a day messing around. Lots of whiteboards, some frantic coding, usually ending with presentations over beers. We call it a "hack day," but I think of it more as a talent show for ideas - a chance to take all those concepts we've been privately mulling, put them on stage, and se… See more
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What are must-have Chrome Extensions?

Stefan TheofilosProduct Designer, Entrepreneur
Grammarly for Chrome - Clear, effective, mistake-free writing everywhere you type.
"Helps dramatically improve written communications every day."
The Great Suspender - Auto-suspend inactive tabs to reduce memory usage of chrome
"A must have for 20-tab types."
Pocket for Web - Save things for later with Pocket, refreshed with a new look
"I love using this because it will save the permanent copy of the content even if the page no longer exists, they allow you to update the co… See more
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