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Multi New Tab

Your favorite sites on Chrome's new tab.

8 Alternatives to Multi New Tab

Turn your browser start page into a personal dashboard

Recommendations Founder, provides a cross-browser bookmark manager. The visual interface makes it easy to organize and find your saved links. Also comes with tons of other features: like Broken Link Checker, RSS feeds, Notes and various sharing options.
Tweegenic1- Noble Investor is an advanced online bookmark manager where you can keep your collection of bookmarks organized on a personal dashboard (that you can share with others).
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excellent tools, email, rss and more in one tab, very useful
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A beautiful browser extension of the news from The Atlantic

Serendipity Tab offers a new story from The Atlantic, hand-picked by our newsroom, every time you open a new tab. No timers, to-do lists, RSS feeds, mail notifications, Julianne fries — just a good story to read.

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Every so often on The Atlantic's Product team, we drop what we're doing and spend a day messing around. Lots of whiteboards, some frantic coding, usually ending with presentations over beers. We call it a "hack day," but I think of it more as a talent show for ideas - a chance to take all those concepts we've been privately mulling, put them on stage, and se… See more
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