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Mr. Pip's Double Cross

A fun dice game, masquerading as a beautiful home decor.

Mr. Pip's Double Cross is a modern version of the classic dice game known as many names including- Liar's Dice, Bluff, Mexicali, and Perdo. It is a wild party game for all ages. It doesn't hurt that, unlike the traditional cardboard box that gets forgotten in your closet, it assembles into a beautiful sculpture that you leave out as a home decor.

4 Alternatives to Mr. Pip's Double Cross

A printable and interactive pen and paper escape game

Cut, fold and draw to solve Escape Team's puzzles, racing against a countdown on your mobile phone.

Print your mission (you'll find it as a free download on, gather some friends, and start defusing bombs, rescuing hacked elevators, and saving airplanes from crashing.

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For Taking Daily Action Toward Your Happiness And Success

If you ever find yourself overwhelmed by all the daily things you want to do to improve your life (work out, mediate, eat better, etc), Success Dice are now there for you to 'outsource' that decision to ...and to help you skip straight to the action-taking part of the process. No more delays or procrastination. Just clarity, purpose, and progress.

4 Alternatives to Success Dice
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