Alternative products to Motorola Razr

5 alternative and related products to Motorola Razr

Motorola Razr
The iconic flip phone returns as a foldable
The pocket-ready size of a flip phone fused with the intelligence of a modern smartphone. The new, radically different razr is here.
5 Alternatives to Motorola Razr

Surface Duo brings together the best of Microsoft productivity experiences, Android apps and Surface hardware design into a single device you can take anywhere. And, yes, it makes phone calls.

6 Alternatives to Surface Duo

Experience the future of mobile technology with the HUAWEI Mate X. The new folding design integrates a new era of communicative interaction. Keep it compact for daily smartphone tasks or unfold to reveal an exceptional experience in multitasking/entertainment.

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The Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced today it will suspend collaborations, including research projects and funding, with Huawei Technologies and ZTE, two Chinese tech companies fighting with the U.S. government over alleged sanction violations. In a public letter titled "New review p...
Foldables are expense. And so are 5G phones. But foldable 5G phones? Well, um, get ready for that second mortgage. At the end of Huawei's MWC press conference, mobile chief Richard Yu dropped a pricing bombshell, noting that the recently announced Mate X will run €2,299 ($2,600). There's a pricing ...
The world's fastest growing mobile company has long had a chip on its shoulder when it comes to Apple and Samsung. For too long, the company has had to go out of its way to remind the world that it's capable of being every bit as innovative as those better established brands, a concept very [&helli...
14 Alternatives to Huawei Mate X

It’s built for productivity and multitasking like a true PC would be – running full productivity apps, with a removable keyboard and compatibility with Surface Pen and Bluetooth® mouse.

6 Alternatives to Surface Neo

Galaxy Fold is in a category of its own. It delivers a new kind of mobile experience allowing users to do things they couldn’t do with an ordinary smartphone. Best of both worlds; a compact device that unfolds to reveal Samsung’s largest smartphone display.

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The Galaxy Fold comes in a nice box. It's a thing I rarely, if ever, mention in product write-ups, because, if done right, shipping containers are generally the least interesting thing about a product. But Samsung, to its credit, has taken great care. That's been one of the constants across this ad...
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Samsung Electronics has released second-quarter earnings results in line with its prior guidance, which is to say that they are not great. Operating profit fell 56 percent year-on-year to 6.6 trillion won - the lowest since the company had to deal with the fallout from the 2016 Galaxy Note 7 fire risk - while revenue slid 4 percent to 56.13 trillion won.
As we asked back in February, "We're ready for foldable phones, but are they ready for us?" The answer, so far, has been an enthusiastic, "not really." The Galaxy Fold was pushed back, after multiple review units crapped the proverbial bed. And just last week, Huawei noted that it was holding...
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AT&T has been emailing customers one potential answer to when the Samsung Galaxy Fold might ship - June 13th. That's according to a bunch of screenshots we've been seeing on Twitter and Reddit. The screenshots themselves are certainly legit, but that doesn't mean that the date is.
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Samsung has confirmed reports from earlier today that it is postponing the release of its $2,000 Galaxy Fold foldable phone only days before it was originally scheduled to go on sale. "We plan to announce the [new] release date in the coming weeks," Samsung said in a statement.
Samsung has issued a statement about its new, folding phone as early photos of tech reviewers with their shiny new toys were replaced on social media (and in numerous columns) with complaints from those same tech reviewers about problems with the phone's screen. Apparently a number of reviewe...
Samsung on Wednesday finally unveiled its foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold. With a total of two screens, six cameras and two batteries, the Galaxy Fold is a whole lot of phone. Samsung hasn't said when Galaxy Fold preorders will go live, but it did say that the device will be available starting April 26.
To the surprise of absolutely no one who paid attention to Samsung's hype-building for Unpacked, it had more to reveal about its foldable phone. The device is now officially known as the Galaxy Fold, and much like the prototype we saw back in November, we're looking at a 4.6-inch secondary display on the outside, followed by a much larger 7.3-inch Infinity F… See more
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Samsung first teased its foldable phone back in November, and at the company's Galaxy Unpacked event today it's further detailing its foldable plans. Samsung's foldable now has a name, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, and the company is revealing more about what this unique smartphone can do.
23 Alternatives to Samsung Galaxy Fold

The newest entry to the folding smartphone world is the LG V50 which changes things up a little, as opposed to a folding screen, they have decided to opt for a more folio like display

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LG has showed off a two-screened smartphone following earlier reveals by Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi. But while the South Korean firm's rivals have demoed hybrid phone-tablet designs that involve flexible displays and complex hinges, LG has taken a simpler approach. It has created a second display as a detachable accessory.
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If you haven't already soaked up the leaks about it, the new LG V50 introduced today is a souped-up V40 with the latest Snapdragon processor, improved cooling, bigger battery, and the futuristic addition of 5G. The V50 is LG's first 5G phone, in fact, and it's also the first to be compatible with a new accessory the company is rolling out: an entire second s… See more
5 Alternatives to LG V50 ThinQ
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