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Motion 2.0 alternatives and competitors

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Fastest way to get things done in the browser, Motion helps you stay in flow while working. Grouped tabs, one-click access to work tools on any page, customizing web pages, and more - Motion is a layer of productivity on top of Chrome.
Top Motion 2.0 alternatives
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  • Ultidash

    The ultimate productivity Chrome extension
  • Backdrops

    Backdrops is a tiny chrome extension to change your boring new tab screen to an awesome wallpaper or quote of the day. All the wallpapers are designed by me.

    Extension can be used to change wallpapers, quote and quick links. More features will be up soon. Open to collaboration for adding new features, wallpapers and anything you want.

  • DashOne is a Google Chrome extension to supercharge your new tab with smart widgets!
    News, Weather, Email, Calendar, Todos, Timezones, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Github, Jira, and more!

    Would love if this was open-source. I would like to create my own widgets. Please write more on the design and architecture and privacy of t…

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