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15 Alternatives to Moov

Personalized Strength-Training powered by Machine Learning

Fitbod for iOS equips gym-goers with a deeply personalized workout plan, allowing users to maximize the use of indoor gym equipment and confidence to train effectively for strength.

Julian Ramirez
Julian Ramirez- Director of Engineering @GranularAg
Personalized strength training plans that target your rested muscles and are varied enough to keep things interesting. Also makes it easy to track your progress and has videos to help make sure you're doing it right.
Nick Lucas
Nick Lucas- Engineering Manager, InstaBrand
This is the best workout app I found yet. Each day it selectively selects new muscle groups to workout based off of previous workouts and which muscle groups are fully rested. It has a huge database of different workouts, so when returning to a muscle group it will be different workouts then the last workout you did for that muscle group. It also has options… See more
Hussein Yahfoufi
Hussein Yahfoufi- Family and Tech.
I've answered so many workout questions with Fitbod I should just invest in this company but really it is a great app for workouts!
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17 Alternatives to Fitbod

Your anytime, anywhere gym

Plankk Studio is your anytime, anywhere gym. Now you can stream live fitness classes hosted by today’s top fitness influencers from wherever you are. Want to workout right now? Plankk Studio also has over 1,000 on demand classes with more added daily.

Around the web
One of the best ways to keep up with your fitness goals or your New Year's resolution to get in shape is to mix up your workout routines. To help, there are dozens of fitness apps available for download, and trainers publish routines on YouTube or other social media platforms all the time.
Going to the gym, especially when it's crappy weather outside, might require too much effort. However, Plankk, a wellness startup, just introduced a new app that will let you take classes with your favorite fitness influencers - without leaving home.
Leveraging years of building out white-labeled fitness applications for the health and wellness spokesmodels made Instagram famous, wellness startup, Plankk, is now launching a digital app called The Plankk Studio where fans can take lessons from their favorite Instagram stars. The company spent ...
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A fitness app for people who hate fitness

Roman Tesliuk
Roman Tesliuk
If you're looking for healthy recipes, 8fit is pretty awesome. It creates a weekly meal plan according to your fitness goal, but you can also check the recipe book if you're looking for something specific.
Nick Mulder
Nick Mulder- Founder & CEO @hypofriend
Fitness is 80% nutrition and 20% working out, 8fit combines the best of both worlds into one personalized & customizable experience ✅
Deepak Mathur
Deepak Mathur- Peace Seeker
Made just for you Fitness isn’t one-size-fits-all. 8fit's exercise programs and meal plans are customized to you and your goals. - Tracking for meals and activities outside the plan - Daily challenges and tips for extra motivation Custom meal plans If you’re dismissing nutrition, you could be missing out on potential results. Our personalized plans he… See more
4 Alternatives to 8fit

A certified personal trainer via app & text for $3 a day

People need human support & accountability to make difficult behavior changes like better exercise & nutrition. But personal trainers are just too expensive! Kudos leverages a data-driven app & text messaging to provide daily training from a certified trainer for $3 a day.

6 Alternatives to Kudos

An A.I powered digital physical therapist

SWORD Health is a tech-enabled provider of physical therapy, pairing its AI-powered digital therapists with human clinical teams to recover patients faster and better. SWORD Health is cutting Healthcare costs with musculoskeletal disorders by half ($190B).

Around the web
Sword Health, a startup operating out of Portugal that has developed a digital physiotherapy solution to enable patients to be treated remotely in their own homes, has raised $4.6 million in seed funding. Backing the round is Green Innovations, Vesalius Biocapital III, and other unnamed investors i...
Anyone who's ever had physical therapy will tell you it's a pain. A necessary pain, sure, but nonetheless, an annoyance. It's hard enough to fit the appointments into your schedule, let alone get yourself used to the daily grind of strengthening exercises. SWORD Health, a Portugal-based startup has designed a solution to the first part of that problem.
The U.S. healthcare system spends roughly $190 billion every year on physical therapies prescribed to treat muscular and skeletal disorders, and Sword Health has raised $8 million in a new round of financing to slash those costs. The New York-based company was founded in Europe four years ago and r...
5 Alternatives to SWORD Health

A simple and flexible solution for treating sports injuries

Injurymap provides you with a simple and flexible tool that enables you to combat pain and treat your muscle and joint injuries. The app offers access to a library of exercise videos with clear instructions from trained physiotherapists. Injurymap uses your feedback and automatically selects medically approved exercises suited to your injury.

Around the web
Injurymap is an app-based solution for people who suffer from pain and injuries in their muscles and joints.
Get inspiration for treating your painful muscles and injuries with tips from Injurymap. Our blog posts act as your guide to rehabilitating your injuries.
See which injuries you can treat with the Injurymap app. Available diagnoses include back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and more.
9 Alternatives to Injurymap
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