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11 alternative and related products to Mood Climate

Mood Climate
Measure your team's morale & personalities in slack

Mood Climate is a slack app that analyses your team's sentiment towards particular topics.

"Dinesh really dislikes the new merger"

Managers can then have a dashboard for their team's sentiment.

Another nifty feature is personality analysis.

11 Alternatives to Mood Climate

Measure employee happiness & build better teams

Friday measures employee happiness on a weekly basis, analyses it and then feeds it back anonymously so that everyone across the organisation gets the insights they need.

We also make recommendations on how to improve. We encourage teams to talk about their results each week and discuss how to make their next week better.

11 Alternatives to Friday

A slack bot to boost your team engagement and collaboration

Elin empowers your teams for outstanding results! helps to build mission-driven companies by measuring culture, sharing insights and coaching employees and managers on how to create a more positive, engaging and collaborative environment.

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In the new era of work, being in an office is no longer a reality for a lot of employees, a lot of them working from home or coworking spaces. At the same time, the need to collaborate is higher than...
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Check your team's mood with AI and Sentiment Analysis

Moodbit is a People Analytics tool that can help you predict and prevent burnout, risk of turnover , and forecast team performance using AI and Sentiment Analysis.

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Think you know the mood of your team members? Think everyone is giving you 100%? And what about yourself? Sometimes it's difficult for founders to tune into themselves let alone a team. Enter Miho Shoji, a serial entrepreneur who was born in Bolivia ...
3 Alternatives to Moodbit

Fastest stress-free journal with chatting interface.

ZenJournal is the fastest stress-free journal app that you can use to:

● Shield your self from the frenzy contest of social media.

● Cure your fatigue with a stress-free micro journal.

● Find your inner peace, build up your self-awareness.

● Log your random #ideas and #musings.

● Stream-of-consciousness style writing.

Shaomeng Zhang
Shaomeng Zhang- Edu + Tech + Philosophy = side projects.
If you are only looking for the simplest, the fastest, the least-stressful way... Also, excited to launch today.
Shaomeng Zhang
Shaomeng Zhang- Edu + Tech + Philosophy = side projects.
I might find a stress-free way to keep a daily journal. And, it's not Day One. It's anti-taps.
Shaomeng Zhang
Shaomeng Zhang- Edu + Tech + Philosophy = side projects.
● No app on this list can be SIMPLER than ZenJournal. ● No app on this list can be FASTER to write, read and search than ZenJournal. It's launched today. 😉
14 Alternatives to ZenJournal

Daily microblogging to track your happiness

Happiness is a weird thing and I think forcing yourself to reflect back on your day is a great idea. So every day AYHT will email or text you to ask how your day went. After responding, you can go to the site and see a complete history of how your days have went and that hopefully helps you direct your life.

15 Alternatives to Are You Happy Today?
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