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13 alternative and related products to Monod

A React-based Markdown editor

Monod is a (relatively) secure and offline-first Markdown editor we have built at TailorDev in order to learn React.js (and a bunch of other JavaScript tools and libraries).

13 Alternatives to Monod

Typora will give you a seamless experience as both a reader and a writer. It removes the preview window, mode switcher, syntax symbols of markdown source code, and all other unnecessary distractions.

Stowe Boyd
Stowe Boyd
I use Typora daily. I use it as my daybook and to edit content for articles and my newsletter. It's a great -- the best -- markdown editor. It is a native Mac app, so it inherently works offline, and I keep all the docs in folders that are synced to Dropbox. So I can access them anywhere via browser, and share them with others. Those I share with don't have … See more
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Since their 2017 launch, Sanity have released:
- Automatic setup on Netlify and Github from starters
- Real-time Gatsby source plugin
- Document history & rollback
- Editing environment redesign
- GraphQL API (Beta)
- Field validations
- New rich text editor

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In this episode we have on Knut Melvær from to talk about creating structured content in the "headless" CMS that is! We talk about how a headless CMS has a different approach from a traditional CMS, and Sanity's approach to the tackling the job of defining schema, and...
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📖 Markdown Editor
⚡Creating markdown made easy!!
Modern, clean and opensource feature rich Markdown Editor.
Try it on web / also Available for Mac, Windows and Linux as standalone application.

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The DEV Community
This is my second opensource project, after Paper ,which is a note-taking app with "networkless" sharing. You can check out the app here. Paper About Markdown Editor, i have posted an article about paper on and also made a listing on product hunt.
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Kristo Mägi
Kristo Mägi
As I have lots of tech writing to do and MarkDown is natural everyday reading/writing material then over the years I've used many MD editors. But MacDown is by far the best MD editor for sure.
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craig eley
craig eley
Appears kind of bare-bones at first, but it is that simplicity that keeps me coming back. Can open local files, multiple Dropbox folders, and even files in Working Copy repositories.
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