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Monkey Test It

Automated website testing by clever monkeys 🐵

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A new powerful monitoring tool for your server and website.

Keep track of your servers performance and website uptime with our easy to use monitoring platform. Just a one line command to install the monitoring agent on all your servers. No complicated setups, get started within minutes.

12 Alternatives to Nixstats

What's the best tool to load test my app?

Shardul Golwalkar
Monkey Test It - Automated website testing by clever monkeys 🐵
"Get monkeys do do it for you 😛 They allow you to do a free test or you can pay to have more monkeys testing your website at once (but at … See more
Postman - Postman is a powerful HTTP client to test REST API
"Postman can help you to (lightly) load test your API for free 😉"
Runscope - Automated API Testing and Monitoring
"Not exactly load testing per-se, but still an interesting solution for API testing!"

Which products do you want to use from YC Startup School companies?

Kunal BhatiaCo-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp - Making the IT job search simpler and more effective
"Amazing team, great product!"
SendOut - Affordable email marketing for bloggers and influencers
"Easy to use and simple product that caters to exact use cases. Easy to pick up and start using from day one."
Tettra - Wiki for Slack teams
"I'd use (and already have!) Tettra. I think they are doing great work to connect our team to our knowledge base where we already communicat… See more
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