Alternative products to monitor backlinks

12 alternative and related products to monitor backlinks

monitor backlinks
Monitor backlinks to your (or your competitors') website
12 Alternatives to monitor backlinks

Cloud based website analysis for 100+ SEO issues

Site Audit by Ahrefs is a cloud-based crawler that will scan your entire website (no matter how large it is) and report everything that is wrong with it from an SEO perspective. User-friendly UI and a variety of visual reports will help you make sense of the data and present it to your clients.

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SEO Blog by Ahrefs
Check out the new Site Audit tool by Ahrefs! It is a powerful cloud-based website crawler that will scan your site for over 100+ SEO common issues.
15 Alternatives to Site Audit by Ahrefs

Social media analytics & benchmarking tool for agencies

Social media analytics & benchmarking tool which serves up a full view of any competitors' digital strategy for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

Save time and impress clients with data they haven't seen before.

Adina Jipa
Adina Jipa- Co-founder @Socialinsider
A useful tool for knowing your competitors' actions and strategy on Facebook!
Adina Jipa
Adina Jipa- Co-founder @Socialinsider
Built this product with the help of two other great co-founders ✌️
Adina Jipa
Adina Jipa- Co-founder @Socialinsider
If Facebook is your game, then try out Social Insider: It's a Facebook competitive tool which gives you insights about your top competitors: - the boosted posts - historical data and page evolution for any competitors - the most active fans from your competitive pages - download data as .pdf and .csv And much more. Check it out :)
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Socialinsider Blog
Instagram opened up their API last year, and we rebuilt the hashtags analytics feature. With this product update, you can measure the performance of any Instagram hashtags - yours or the ones used by your competitors, and understand the impact of the hashtag campaigns.
Social Media Today
Data is an essential resource in marketing. Social media marketing is no different, and more marketers are now growing to understand the importance of using the vast range of social data points to fuel their marketing campaigns. When starting an Instagram campaign, data aggregation will help you make the right marketing moves.
Socialinsider Blog
Last summer - August 2018, we rolled out Instagram Stories analytics where you briefly could see the most performing Stories and get insights into basic metrics such as taps forward, taps backward, and exits. Before I talk about new features, let me stress that this is not a small update.
Online Marketing Blog - TopRank®
The world of Social Media is probably responsible for more innovation in digital marketing over the past 5 to 10 years than nearly any other discipline. From ephemeral story based content to live video to all the things being done with data for more personalized marketing, staying in top of what's real vs.
5 Alternatives to Socialinsider

Offer your articles to a network of media/blogs ✍️

Increase your brand awareness as well as your search rankings with quality media placement. Contento gives you direct access to publishers.

Offer your articles to top media/blogs to leverage their audience and garner valuable backlinks.

Designed for content marketers, PR agencies, and digital marketing agencies.

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Being self-employed brings with it many challenges. You're either working in your business or on your business. Being busy is great but your leads will dry up without consistent marketing. One way to have your name out in the market consistently is to register on directories websites.
Over the past five years, content marketing has exploded thanks to easy promotion channels like Twitter and Facebook. Businesses could quickly knock out 500 words, publish it on their own blog, and promote it to their fans across social channels. Reach was large and the engagement was high.
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Carl Thompson, Co-founder of Contento, explains why the traditional content placement is out-dated and how Contento aims to bring it into the future. Over the past decade, the media landscape has changed dramatically. Gone are the days when a long lunch could seal you a full-page editorial or online blog article.
Carl Thompson, Co-founder of Contento, explains why the traditional content placement is out-dated and how Contento aims to bring it into the future. Over the past decade, the media landscape has changed significantly. Gone are the days when a bottle of rosé and market fish with jus could swing you a full-page editorial or online article.
Guest posting is a valuable strategy, and it has a place in today's digital landscape. Backlinks are still one of, if not the, most important factors when it comes to search engine ranking. A lot of marketers give up on guest posting, as it's a cumbersome process.
Vertical content, or sometimes known as skyscraper or evergreen content, is detailed all-encompassing long-form content that will be relevant for more than just a week. Aim to create evergreen articles that will stand the test of time. Know the keywords the company wants to target, but don't keyword stuff the articles.
Link mining is synonymous with black-hat marketers looking for cheap links from link-first blogs. This technique is completely outdated and frowned upon by search engines. Mainly because of the extremely low quality of articles created purely for a backlink.
6 Alternatives to Contento

Our AI reports show key changes to competitor sites

🕷We will monitor up to 1000 pages of your competitors' sites.

🔎We look for changes.

🏙We screenshot + extract text & html changes.

🎯We use AI to detect key changes (and ignore false positives).

🤖We use AI to categorize pages & changes.

📬We email you weekly reports.

🚂Zero config (just give us top level URLs).

🦆Deep competitive intelligence.

4 Alternatives to Deep Dive Duck

Count and analyze backlinks to a domain

Josh Brown
Josh Brown- Marketing Director, Softorino Ltd.
Trying to help people find our products and make their life easier – we must deal with a lot of SEO hassle. Ahrefs is the most best subscription service I ever paid for because the value you get from it is much higher than the actual price you pay. If you're looking for a place to help you figure out where to get best backlinks, keywords or analyze why you… See more
Dmitry Dragilev
Dmitry Dragilev- Founder @
I use ahrefs for monitoring keywords, they have a real nice email notification feature.
Ayush Mittal
Ayush Mittal- bro @boombro, Founder RefR ✌
If you're looking for a paid one and inclined towards knowing more about competition, then Ahrefs. It's data-driven (much more than SEO) -they crawl 6 billion pages every day and you can learn almost everything about your competitors. It helps to know where your competition is getting traffic from, exact keywords they use, how much traffic it brings them and… See more
7 Alternatives to ahrefs

Audit your site. Find & fix style inconsistencies.

Toybox is a free tool that lets you find style inconsistencies on any web page, fix them, and collaborate with your team.

How it works:

1. Capture any page of your product with 1 click

2. Get detailed stats on the colors, type styles, and spacing you’re using.

3. Add your style guide to view adoption rates and suggestions on how to improve.

11 Alternatives to Toybox V2
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