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Momentum Plus alternatives and competitors

Momentum is a personal dashboard designed to eliminate distraction and provide inspiration, focus, and productivity. Now with added customization, integrations, widgets, and more!

Top Momentum Plus alternatives
The platform to replace your homegrown importer
  • Taskade for Chrome is the easiest way to capture your thoughts and stay organized. ✍️

    Start a list for yourself or collaborate with your team and work together in real-time. 🚀

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    Nice alternative to workflowy!

  • With Momentum, you can enjoy a customized dashboard. It will boost your motivation and creativity during the day by inspiring you with custom backgrounds, photos, fonts, to-do list availability and many widgets you will love.

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    I've been using it in about month and it's very convenient. I can keep my to-do tasks in the browser tab, because I use browser 80% of the…

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  • Minimo displays useful information at a glance, shortcuts to your favorite websites, and synced tabs from your mobile devices.

    It's also fully open-source, does not collect any information, and requires basically no configuration – although it can be customized.

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    Let's port it for Firefox as well. :) It's very easy and you just need to make few tweak in your existing code. Instructions here

  • Panda Focus Mode

    Enter your daily tasks, see them when you open a new tab
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  • I made this extenstion because I miss my cat at work. Added a ton of jokes (murphies laws, cat jokes and what not!).

    If you're a cat lover, you'll love this chrome extension.

    (PS: I've been trying to practice mindfulness at work, so this extension hasa nice little surprise that'll help you be more mindful at work)

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    I've been using Orbit for a month now and omg I love it, each time I open a new tab it gives me a smile. TBH I thought it'd be very very rep…

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    Level helps you commit to your goal every day
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  • Ultidash

    The ultimate productivity Chrome extension
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  • Tuflou

    Every morning wake up with the greatest mindset.
    Begin the day by getting inspired to grow your knowledge and expand your way of thinking.
    Small bites of information from books, articles, podcasts delivered to you via Facebook Messenger.
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  • Inspiring startup related quotes in every new Chrome tab.
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  • Newton

    Newton is a tiny Chrome extension that shares little bits of inspiration with a “guess who” element on every new tab.

    Now updated to show more quotes and run faster!

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  • Day2Day

    Productive superheroes, Day2Day is your new favorite tab screen! Whether you're looking for a spot to organize your day, save your notes, access your Pocket™ links, your Google Calendar, or if you are simply looking for some eye candy, it’s all just one CTRL+T away.

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  • New Tab Motivation

    Motivational quotes each time you open a new tab
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  • Quotable

    By Quotable extension, your new tab would have a beautiful wallpaper with relevant song, and quote of your favorite topics
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