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Mock your HTTP responses to test your REST API

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Postman is a powerful HTTP client to test REST API

Postman is a really useful tool if you building and testing APIs. More than 3 000 developers love that platform because it makes work so much easier, complete and accurate. It has a Postman free app for Mac, Windows and Linux, and a paid version for enterprises that can be used for monitoring, API testing and documentation.

Yann- Product Enthusiast
Postman can help you to (lightly) load test your API for free 😉
Abhishek Biswal
Better than all the API Development & testing tools available out there (including chrome plugins). Sync features, Collaboration & Collections make it more awesome.
Brandon Manson- Software Engineer
I use this tool on a daily basis to test my own APIs as well as APIs I'm looking to integrate with. I cannot think of a better tool to help with rapidly prototyping an API.
One of our earliest challenges was making sure we understood the process overall of API development. We identified inefficiencies associated with API, development, testing, monitoring and documentation. What we discovered was there was a serious need to change the way API worked.
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Modern and simpler way to test client services

Motty provides the simpler way to test your client services.

It is an web application which gives you abaility to create your own custom responses.

So you can intuitively and easily mock http responses. All you need to do is typing and click!

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