Alternative products to Mobile Dashboards by Mixpanel

20 alternative and related products to Mobile Dashboards by Mixpanel

Mobile Dashboards by Mixpanel

Monitor your key metrics, everywhere you go

20 Alternatives to Mobile Dashboards by Mixpanel

AI powered dashboard with automatic insights from your team

Tonkean automates the tracking & monitoring of critical business data. Our A.I. Bot proactively seeks out updates from teams, and organizes it into one dashboard along with key data from the tools you use. By connecting key data with the context only your team can provide, Tonkean ends micromanagement and enables teams to focus on doing great work.

Hannah White
Hannah White- Marketing Manager
Tonkean keeps our entire team productive. We use the platform to create bots to do simple tasks and reach out to the people on our team when their input or expertise is needed. I think a great way to think of the capabilities Tonkean has is to use a sales team as an example. You can create a Worker Bot in Tonkean to execute each and every client workflow… See more
Hannah White
Hannah White- Marketing Manager
Try Tonkean! It tracks everything from your workflows, to your responsibilities and teammates. It works by automating and executing the things a machine can do (like syncing apps and updating fields) and also delegates to and communicates with your team. If you manage anything, whether it's products, projects or people, the platform helps you prioritize your… See more
Hannah White
Hannah White- Marketing Manager
If you are looking for something more than just a standard to-do list, try Tonkean. For each item on your list, you would build the workflow out in the platform and Tonkean can help you execute them. When you're needed to do something, the Tonkean Bot will nudge you and let you know, but if something is just applications and machines talking to each other,… See more
8 Alternatives to Tonkean

Tool for ASO, app tracking & user reviews management

All New AppFollow 4.0 with Reply-2-Reviews tool integration with 30+ services you love, new ASO tools, keywords suggestions, 1-day-in-advance Featured App notifications, Сonversion Benchmark Tool, Mac & Amazon app stores support and much more.

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TL;DR: All New AppFollow 4.0 with App Store featured apps with notifications, benchmark, responses to Mac Store reviews, replies from Zendesk and 30 other services, tracking of any other products on Amazon, ASO tools for iOS 12, an upgraded search engine for the App Store, and more.
4 Alternatives to AppFollow 4.0
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