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Mobile apps from JSON
Drop JSON, get an npm package with React Native screens

This project is no longer active.

9 Alternatives to Mobile apps from JSON

Turn sketch into iOS, android, react and flutter in minutes

Supernova takes mobile designs created in Sketch and transforms them into production interface code for iOS, Android, React Native and Flutter. Supporting native components, native animations, native layouts, navigation, localizations and many more features.

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We start each year with a promise to ourselves. The last year was all about launching a solid and robust product - making sure our early adopters were happy and more productive - and we nailed this goal. This year though will be about ramping up and building a product unlike any other, with a clear goal to completely automate design handoff.
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Build native mobile experiences with Javascript

React Native is a developer tool that builds mobile UI from declarative components. You can use only JavaScript and React to build a real app, with User Interface fundamental blocks, like the ones for iOS and Android. You can forget about the recompiling with Hot reloading feature.

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This is Pocket UI React-Native Theme, our design and implementation for a fintech app that you can download and use straight away. We are offering sketch and photoshop versions for the theme as well as react-native theme as a node_module that you can use.

By downloading you can start developing the custom features for your app straight away.

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cross-platform login box for web and native apps.

Kunal Bhatia
Kunal Bhatia- Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp
If you're willing to pay for some higher-level features, I highly recommend Auth0. (Could be free if you have < 7,000 users). Check out Passwordless to make sign-in flows on mobile and especially on TVs that are frictionless.
Thomas Knoll
Thomas Knoll- COO @
I'm not 10000% certain this will cover your needs and work specifically with the tool you were describing, but I'm willing to bet it would. If you need help integration, just yell at me.
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You don't have to be a blockchain developer to build a decentralized app on the blockchain!
Develop a dapp within a day and incorporate powerful features with just your knowledge of JavaScript.

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The goal of this tutorial is to show you how to install and correctly set up the Ethereum Geth node for back-end usage. In this tutorial, you will learn: Which Ethereum networks exist How to install Geth How to run Geth How to create a new account (wallet) For the purpose of this tutorial, we assume that you have basic computer knowledge and basic blockchain… See more
Decentralized apps are the catalysts for the decentralized web adoption, bridging the gap between the end user and the decentralized network systems. However powerful they are (or precisely for that reason), their development is no walk in the park.
Two months ago, we published the Release Candidate (v1 RC1) of the 0xcert Framework for building dapps. After several tests and updates, we're now proudly announcing the official release of the Framework v1.0.0. called Odin. To improve the effectiveness and overall performance of the Framework, the Odin version was optimized in several points and provides so… See more
ZXC Price: $0.00216081
r/0xcert: 0xcert is an open source, permissionless protocol for validating the existence, authenticity and ownership of digital assets on the blockchain.
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Give your iOS Simulator super-powers

Sherlock lets you edit views and layout constraints in real time, simulate running on other devices, and jump straight to the source code, all from your iOS Simulator - zero configuration required.

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Hacking with Swift
There aren't many times outside of WWDC where Apple developers see a new tool and immediately think "I need that in my life." Sherlock by Inspired Code is one such tool: it injects itself into the iOS Simulator so that it can monitor views and adjust them in real time.
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