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A new type of music player, listen to music based off your mood! MMP uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to detect your mood based off your facial expression and pick a perfect song for you
Top MMP - AI Mood Music Player alternatives
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  • Luxurious yet leisurely. Frivolous yet sophisticated. The same sweet sound of summer— turned up to 11. Pack your virtual bags as you've been upgraded from sitting poolside to a private cabana at The Poolsuite.
  • Moodnotes

    Capture your mood and improve your thinking habits
  • AI chatbot from the future that reads your tracker data, predicts your future productivity, sleep, and wellness, and interprets your data to nudge you into better behavior.
  • Moodboost News

    Bite-sized positive news stories. The #1 app for good news. Available for iOS and Android.
  • Cyanite 2.0

    Cyanite 2.0 has gone live: our AI tool for music professionals.
    🎼 Auto-tag your own music on bpm, key, genre, mood etc.
    🔍 Find similar tracks in your own music database.
    🎯 Visualize the mood of your songs.
    Excited to hear from you: mail@cyanite.ai
  • Musens

    Payment required
    Musens is a music player built with beautiful animations and stunning design to make the best music player experience ever.
  • Mirable

    Payment required
    Mirable analyzes the character of your music (e.g. mood, genre, indiemeter, etc.) and:
    - Suggests the most catchy 30 seconds
    - Tailors the best music release strategy
    - Generates cover artwork that reflects your music character
  • We love listening to music, but most of the time we can't decide what we want to listen to. mood plays music according to our current feelings.
    It has a simple interface. It's free. It's fast to discover music.
    Enjoy mood!
  • Koel Player

    Free options
    Koel Player is the official mobile player for Koel, an open-source music streaming server. The app itself is also 100% open-source, but you can purchase and download it from AppStore (Google Play counterpart coming soon) to support the project.