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ML Image Classifier
Quickly train custom machine learning models in your browser

If you're looking for image datasets to use with this, check out

Powerful product analytics.
16 Alternatives to ML Image Classifier

Apirak Panatkool
This tool help me organize all my 30,000 Screenshot from mobile and desktop. It can auto import photo from folder after I save image. When I add tag in Pixave It will add tag to original photo too. This feature are help full when I use many tool to organize my screenshot.
Chris Messina
I used to use LittleSnapper, then Ember, but I've totally switched to Pixave. It's not perfect, but it's close.
Chris Messina
At least for saving screenshots and the like, it's my go-to tool for my personal library. Won't help w/ writing down product ideas though.
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Jonathan Völkle
If I just need a quick text oriented presentation, this is my go to. (Also nice if you want to share the screenshots/recording later on social media)
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The mission control for your ML data
Aggregate metrics in ML are not good enough. Scale Nucleus helps you to visualize your data, curate interesting slices within your dataset, review and manage annotations, and measure and debug your model performance.

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We founded Scale to create the infrastructure needed to build AI in any industry, by anyone. We started tackling this complex problem at the root - turning raw data into high quality training data for models.
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