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Powerful product analytics.

12 alternative and related products to Mixpanel


Custom dashboard reporting tool for SEO, PPC & SEM agencies

Reportz was built with only two simple goals in mind: 1. To save loads of your time on monthly and weekly reporting; 2. To make your clients and bosses happy by providing them with clear, concise and easily-understandable KPI reports.

Providing details on where the client is spending money and what changes have occurred since the previous report; Shining a light on overall client investments and how they influence their business for the better. That's it. In reporting, everything revolves around providing the client with transparency and the reasons behind particular marketing-related act… See more
Four Dots
Quality client reporting is critical for customer satisfaction and retention. It's the only thing that can ensure successful communication between all involved parties and shine a light on what has been done so far and what needs to be done in order to improve a client's business on numerous different levels.
Dibz Blog
Every marketing agency and freelancer is faced with the same problem: How to save time on client reporting, without negatively affecting the overall quality of their reports? Client reporting plays a key role in client retention. Especially in marketing. It's often the only thing that influences a client's decision to stay with their current marketing freela… See more
4 Alternatives to Reportz

Wildfire Widgets

Widgets to spread your blog posts like 🔥 wildfire.

Wildfire Widgets was designed and built from the ground up specifically for use on professional blogs. The embeddable widgets effectively boost your blogging efforts, by helping to grow your email list and blog traffic at an accelerated rate. If you’d like to see a live demo, check out this blog post of how Wildfire Widgets’ launch strategy was designed.

I've just launched my second indie software product. Before even writing a single line of code, I did a ton of research on how to design a business so that I'm setting it up for success, and reducing the chances of it failing. This essay is a roundup of those
9 Alternatives to Wildfire Widgets

What is the best mobile analytics platform

Jacob CatalanoFounder
CleverTap 2.0 - Integrates app analytics and mobile engagement
"Behavioral Analytics, Smart Segments with Personalized Messaging all built on a platform that gives you complete control."

What do you use to display / analyze your startup metrics?

Igor Bonattoceo, THT
Geckoboard - Monitor the vital signs of your business
"Geckoboard has some pretty sweet integrations, so if you're looking for a dashboard type display, it's perfect."
Metabase - Open source business intelligence - Installs in 5 minutes
"Open source, quite robust and active development. Works like Periscope and Google Data Studio."
Periscope - Pro tools for SQL analysts
"We use Periscope at Product Hunt to visualize our data. We have several dashboards for individual projects (e.g. we have a dashboard for A… See more

What are the best website analytics tools?

Larry LiebermanCOO, Viddui
Heap - Capture everything and measure instantly.
"Super simple tool, with so much flexibility. It offers way more in-depth analysis than any other analytic tool I have used to date."

What is the best analytics platform for iOS and Android apps?

satyajeet jadhavdeveloper codeshop apps
Mixpanel - Powerful product analytics.
"Absolutely loving Mixpanel right now"
Countly Analytics - Open source, enterprise mobile & web analytics platform
"Open source, on-prem installation options, analytics + marketing in one product, extensibility with plugins. Lots of KPIs to show on the da… See more
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