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Instant scheduling, tracking, templates, polls in Gmail

Mixmax is your Gmail right-hand. It shows you a read report of your emails, gives you an easy way to schedule your meetings, creates finished emails from templates in a click, lets you schedule when a message should be sent and recall your already sent one to correct it if needed and these are not all of the reasons why you are going to love it.

13 Alternatives to Mixmax

Trello for Gmail - Transform your email into organized lists

Sarah Kennedy
Sarah Kennedy
Sortd is great for companies that rely on Gmail and GSuite as it makes tasks, emails and projects totally collaborative.
Sarah Kennedy
Sarah Kennedy
Sortd is great for companies that rely on Gmail and GSuite as it makes tasks, emails and projects totally collaborative.
Sarah Kennedy
Sarah Kennedy
Gmail is my life and I need it organized for me (and my team). Sortd does it all.
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I've tried dozens of solutions to clean up my inbox, and so far, the Sortd Chrome extension comes closest to helping me use and organize email the way I work. Sortd transforms Gmail into a drag-and-drop workspace with columns of customizable lists. It's like life-organizing webapp Trello, but for email.
13 Alternatives to Sortd for Gmail

Free In-depth email tracking for salespeople

Docsify is an accurate email tracking and email productivity suite. It provides email and attachment tracking as well as scheduling emails, templates and text shortcuts for Gmail. Our users spend their time smarter, close more deals faster and skyrocket their team productivity.

Blake Barber
Blake Barber- Copywriter
For email tracking and attachment tracking, Works pretty well
Blake Barber
Blake Barber- Copywriter
For email tracking and attachment tracking, Works pretty well
Ilya Azovtsev 💌+🤖=🚀
Ilya Azovtsev 💌+🤖=🚀- Help sales team close more in less time
Saves tons of time in Gmail
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Docsify takes out the guesswork from your processes and helps you identify high-quality prospects that are very likely to convert via smarter scoring and tracking functionalities. With Docsify, you are able to rank your prospects and concentrate on ones with the best scores, the best responses, and desired behavior, exponentially improving the productivity a… See more
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Supercharge your sales process with MailTag's Gmail & GSuite browser extension tool.

It's 100% free, forever. 😎

★ FREE Features:

✅ Unlimited real-time email tracking

✅ Real-time open & link-click notifications

✅ Email reopen tracking

✅ Email scheduling

✅ Email Pings (automate your follow-ups)

✅ Dashboard (view all of your read & unread emails)

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Next generation CRM and shared inbox for Gmail

Gmelius works right from Gmail/G Suite and offers a complete toolset to automate and scale your outreach, share inboxes and manage customer support and projects - right from your inbox. Gmelius is a next-generation CRM designed for the way valuable customer relationships are built today.

Lina Yakunina
Lina Yakunina- Marketing & Bis Dev @ Gmelius
Gmelius was created to make teams' collaboration easier and more efficient. Create shared labels and inboxes, assign tasks to set clear ownership and avoid double replies, visualize and manage your projects using kanban boards, exchange notes right on the side of an email...
Ermias Giovanni
Ermias Giovanni- Head of Marketing
At Gmelius we use Gmelius. We built and continuously maintain a tool that's a part of our everyday process, including sales. Email tracking and scheduling combined with automated sequencing is a key flow. Having the ability to turn emails into tasks and direct them to a kanban board, all within your automated sequence is powerful. And once you've created a… See more
Adeline Casagranda
Adeline Casagranda- Graphic designer at Gmelius
With Gmelius you'll get a great experience of team collaboration tools in Gmail. Keep an eye on every project of your team with Kanban boards. Assign email, Share notes, your Inbox, as well as templates to optimize your workflow on a daily basis.
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Gmelius is a lightweight customer relationship management system which offers the real-time integration features for the email inbox. It is a free-mium application that is available for the Safari, Opera, Google Chrome, designed for business purpose, especially for handling the professional's emails.
There are tons of Chrome extensions that add features to Gmail and enhance its interface. This article collects the ones we've found to be the most useful. This spring Google launched a redesign of the Gmail web interface that added several new features - potentially making some extensions obsolete or inoperable.
These Chrome add-ons turn Google's webmail client into an ultra-powerful service. PCMag reviews products independently, but we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. Terms of use. Ready to feel old? Gmail made its debut 16 years ago, while Google Chrome recently turned 10.
Rating and price
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Take your Gmail game to the next level

Allan Caeg
Allan Caeg- Founder,
In the world of sales & biz dev.... it's all about email. Email is how we reach to the outside world. If we're working with our team, we're likely collaborating on Slack/Trello. For prospecting, mail merge, follow ups, and open tracking... I use
Khalid Zamer
Khalid Zamer- CEO, Reapet Inc. & Fine Department
This is probably the best extension, powerful "Per Recipient" track open emails & link clicks for bulk mail with the " Mail Merge " feature, integrated with agency Inbound & outreach teams day to day activities, and for personalized sales presentations for prospects & pitch decks for investors using personalized attachment is gold for saving tim… See more
Allan Caeg
Allan Caeg- Founder, is a killer Gmail extension for doing outreach. 1. Helps you validate an email address 2. Has mail merge 3. Does automated follow ups 4. Shows open & click tracking Those are some of my favorite features in the $5 plan. It offers much more features for teams, account management, customer support, sales, etc
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Supercharge your inbox with our AI Gmail filter

Tired of getting irrelevant emails from recruiters? Supercharge your inbox with our AI Gmail filter. You won't see any more recruiting emails in your inbox with our AI Gmail filter & autoresponder. Learn more. You will find neat & structured job proposals rated by relevance in your profile.

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Track your staff's email response time metrics

Hey Hunters,

Time To Reply was born out of a need we had in our own lead generation business where some lead buyers were complaining about the quality of the leads.

When we did some investigation we realized that those companies that were responding quickly to inbound emails got the most sales and got a better ROI on their marketing. Enjoy!

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Leverage your Mimecast data to drive analytics in the Time to Reply application
6 Alternatives to Time To Reply
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