Alternative products to Microsoft Translator 3.0

12 alternative and related products to Microsoft Translator 3.0

Microsoft Translator 3.0
Translated conversations across devices
12 Alternatives to Microsoft Translator 3.0

Mate Translate for iMessage (previously, it was Instant Translate) is an ultimate app to chat from within iMessage in 103 languages.

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Many of you got used to good old Instant Translate. But, now our time for change has come. Instant Translate finally becomes better and lighter, its user interface - more perceptible, user-friendly and understandable. And it changes its name to Mate . We want to be a single choice for instant translation.
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27 Alternatives to Mate Translate for iMessage

Translate languages in real-time on your mobile phone

John Ababseh
John Ababseh- Epiphany Enthusiast
Never know when you're abroad or get stuck in a situation where a quick translate could be necessary
Juan Ageitos
Juan Ageitos- tech marketer #spanglish
Super helpful when visiting far corners of the world. You can even have a conversation with the locals and they'll love your effort to communicate. You can download languages for offline use.
John Ababseh
John Ababseh- Epiphany Enthusiast
When on the go, and in an area without your native tongue speakers, google translate is a must for simple phrases.
46 Alternatives to Google Translate

Translate voice and text Into 100 languages on all devices

Alexey Chernikov
Alexey Chernikov- CEO at Twopeople Software
Language-barrier breaker in the menu bar! The most useful translator for Mac!
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Many of you got used to good old Instant Translate. But, now our time for change has come. Instant Translate finally becomes better and lighter, its user interface - more perceptible, user-friendly and understandable. And it changes its name to Mate . We want to be a single choice for instant translation.
26 Alternatives to Mate Translate

22,000 linguists annotate your machine learning data 👩🏽‍💻🌏 lets you quickly annotate data for machine learning using Gengo’s flexible crowd platform. With 22,000+ qualified contributors fluent in 37 languages, you can:

💬 Train a chatbot

🙂 Gather or annotate sentiment analysis data

🖼 Tag images & videos

🤖 Develop or retrain machine translation systems

🔊 Collect, annotate, analyze audio data

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A chat app with real-time universal language translations

EarthChat was made to help my families communicate with each other. You see, my family speaks Mandarin and my husband's family speaks English. Now my families are getting to know each other using EarthChat's real-time translations!

I hope this app will help others as it helped me. It supports 100+ languages and is free today for PH users.

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earthchat - One of the early promises of the internet was a system that could connect people of all cultures from anywhere around the world, and EarthChat is a...
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9 Alternatives to EarthChat

ONE Mini is a pocket language assistant that integrates AI voice translation, live interpreter service, multilingual speech-to-text, and music audio receiver into a lifestyle gadget, to be handy and all-in-one, for communicating and recording.

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Geräte, die Sprachen in Echtzeit übersetzen, sind längst keine Zukunftsmusik mehr. Tatsächlich tauchen immer mehr Gadgets auf, die genau das versprechen. Oft hapert es dann allerdings an der Qualität der Übersetzungen oder der...
CNXSoft - Embedded Systems News
I had a look at voice translator devices several years ago, and most would go for $200 or more, so when I was informed about ONE Mini pocket multilingual assistant selling for $59 US it caught my attention.
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Travellers and multilingual teams may be interested in a new pocket device called the One Mini, designed to help break down barriers between languages. Supporting 12 different languages, voice recording and multilingual speech to text thanks to its integrated artificial intelligent translation system. The One Mini pocket translation device offers the perfect… See more
Red Bull
40 percent of the world's population that are monolingual probably have too. Fortunately ONE Mini have our backs, and have created a subtle gadget that will save conversational blushes everywhere.
Hackster Blog
Everyone loves to travel, but language barriers can make it difficult to navigate a new country. We all try our best to pick up the local language, but nobody can be expected to learn enough to be conversationally-fluent in every country they visit.
If you're lucky enough to travel abroad, you know it's getting easier and easier to use our phones and other gadgets to translate for us. So why not do so in a way that makes sense to you? This little gadget seeking funds on Kickstarter looks right up my alley, offering quick transcription and reco...
7 Alternatives to ONE Mini - A little translator gadget

Speak 37+ languages in real time

Smark Translator is designed to break the language barrier and give you the power of clear communication. It is the world’s first natural language translator with a modular design providing 37+ languages translation in real time. Global connectivity and offline translation help you to break the ice in any situation.

10 Alternatives to Smark Translator

In-ear translator for face to face bilingual conversations 🗣

WT2 is a real-time, wearable translator that includes 2 earphones, 1 app, and a customized charging case. The earphones provide long-term, hands-free foreign language communication, allowing you to immerse yourself in the local culture while traveling, express yourself more completely and build more meaningful connections with the people you meet.

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Timekettle is a modest startup based in Shenzehen, that first came to be noticed on the global stage last year. Their product, the WT2, is a real-time speech translator that can let you talk to anyone in the world in their native language.
Timekettle was eager to show us the progress it's made on the WT2 since it first showed us its wearable translation device at TechCrunch Shenzhen this time last year. Unlike their 3D-printed state at last year's event, the crowdfunded earpieces are now ready to ship. They've already started going o...
5 Alternatives to WT2 in ear translator

Translator using multiple translation services for OS X

Translate Box is a translation comparison and management app for Mac. It shows translation results from several famous translation services at the same time to provide optimal translations. Also, all contents of a translation can be tabulated and managed.

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8 Alternatives to Translate Box
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