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Looking for a better way to organise your day?

Method brings your to do list and calendar together into one simple planner, giving you context on how much time you have letting you to plan your workload more effectively.

5 Alternatives to Method

A to-do list for your team inside Slack

Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré
Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré- B2B SaaS Consultant
Create and manage your tasks without leaving your conversation.
Jonathan James
Jonathan James- Always Reaching.
Works well using /todo Offers custom reminders and priority and assignments. Can be used in any Channel anytime instantly via /todo
Guillermo Gette
Guillermo Gette- Founder of Workast
To-do bot lets you create tasks without leaving your conversations. Great addition if your team is on Slack, HipChat or Cisco Spark (Skype and Microsoft Teams soon!)
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Slack is a digital workplace that connects you to the people and tools you work with everyday. To-do bot is a free application within Slack that helps you to create tasks, assign tasks to team members, set due dates and reminders, all without leaving the conversation.
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Plain text to-do lists for Mac

Max Yakin Bozek
Max Yakin Bozek- Artist & Designer
Awesome product. similar to WorkFlowy with some other features.
Nikita Skitev
Nikita Skitev- Product Manager
You can copy-paste tasks as a simple text from Taskpaper! But... for you case, you can use "Reminders" or even "Notes" with checkboxes on IOS or Google Tasks on Android. Don't overengineer it!
Eivind Lindbråten
Eivind Lindbråten- 🦊 Developer, Oslo, Norway.
So simple, and can structure it however you want. Also really fast to use, and integrates with reminders.
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Productivity, meet creativity.

Edo Agenda is your personal workspace that helps you organize your day and free your creative side.

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¿Eres una persona con mil cosas que hacer? Posiblemente seas alguien tan despistado como yo, que a pesar de tener mucho que hacer siempre nos acabamos olvidando de cosas. Edo Agenda es una app que te ayudará a hacer tu dia a dia de forma más organizada, fácil y rápida.
Edo Agenda per iOS e Android - pratica, completa e facile da usare! ultima modifica: da Android apps, iPhone apps La grande passione per la telefonia mobile mi ha portato qualche anno fa ad aprire un blog personale, xantarmob, seguito da amici e non solo. Parola d'ordine? Semplicità e facilità di consultazione.
Edo Agenda è un'app disponibile in download gratuito (offre acquisti in-app) per smartphone e tablet Android. La sua utilità è ...
When you are busy and need to manage your time better, one of these calendars might be the answer for you.
Edo Agenda is a comprehensive and highly intuitive digital agenda that helps users manage their time, their priorities and overall their life by bringing together events, notes, tasks, and reminders. Organize your day, free up your creativity and reach your goals.
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One of the most requested reviews of this month has been on Edo Agenda, a new personal productivity tool for managing your plan, journal entries, log events, take notes and tally your tasks. In today's video, we explore the full inner workings of Edo Agenda.
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Personal planning on the go... Make things easy!

Hi all,

I'm really excited to share that last week we launched Frond to the App Store. A personal project that's been bubbling in the background for almost two years, and started off as an idea, one late night, when I was trying to get organised with refurbishing my living room!

I'm passionate about technology, social events, art and travel, so have combined those together to bring frond to life!

I hope you enjoy using it, as much as we enjoyed making it!

The "elevator" pitch and a summary of what the app does:

Frond is the new, intuitive, collaborative and fun way to plan, organize, track, manage and share all your personal projects.

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