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Retarget anyone who clicks on your links. allows marketers to easily build an audience by sharing links and retargeting on Facebook anyone who clicks on the them.

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Create, sync, and close leads with Facebook Ads & HubSpot.

With this new free Facebook Ads - HubSpot integration you can create Facebook lead ads inside of HubSpot and sync the leads generated into HubSpot automatically. This lets you start working hot leads as the come in from your lead ad campaigns. It's a new feature in HubSpot Marketing Free.

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This week we introduced lead ads for HubSpot, a first-of-its-kind integration between HubSpot and Facebook Ads that lets you create Facebook lead ad campaigns while still inside of HubSpot. Lead ads are great for B2B because they are very effective at generating leads from mobile users on the Facebook Mobile App and Instagram.
8 Alternatives to Facebook Lead Ads for HubSpot

Add search bar shortcuts to long urls

Assign keywords to website urls and redirect to them by typing 'go' and your keyword.

Where can I use it?

- Add shortcut to favourite youtube playlists/channels you listen to daily

- Add shortcuts to your favourite author page from blogs/news sites

- Add shortcuts to that subreddit/facebook group/twitter profile you visit often

5 Alternatives to Keyword Redirect
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