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Verify facts with the world's scientists

Metafact is a crowd-sourced fact-checking platform powered by the world's scientific community. Anyone can share an article, claim or question in science & technology - we source hundreds of verified experts to share the evidence and publish a consensus on whether it is fact or fiction.

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12 Alternatives to Metafact

A red banner appears on the pages & headlines of any questionable source. It still manages to integrate itself seamlessly & I'd forgotten it was there until I saw this thread and checked what extensions I actually use!
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Chrome: Facebook has a very real fake news problem. To help combat this, B.S. Detector will show a little red warning when you're about to click a link that comes from a questionable, "satirical" or fake news source.
Last night, TechCrunch ran a story purporting that Facebook was showing certain users red warning labels above fake news links. But as it happens, this wasn't Facebook's doing at all, but rather the work of a Chrome plugin called B.S. Detector, made by activist and independent journalist Daniel Sieradski.
Not only is Facebook not providing little red warnings along with links to potentially specious news-it's now blocking links to the plugin that did. Over the past week, some Facebook users reported seeing content warnings next to links from established fake news domains, apparently without realizing a third party was responsible.
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Compare the news and judge the truth for yourself!
To combat misinformation and media bias, Ground News Pro lets users
easily compare how outlets from across the political spectrum
and around the world are covering the same news event

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We are all guilty of reading news we agree with and a new study by Pew Research Center shows just how deeply embedded habit is when it comes to political news. The study found that "no other source comes close to rivaling Fox News' appeal to Republicans, a number of sources other than CNN are also highly trusted and frequently used by Democrats."
Publish date Harleen Kaur's (pictured at top) background is in engineering, and she previously worked at NASA and then at an early-stage satellite company in Germany. Kaur recently made the transition to entrepreneurship in news; on January 15, she launched Ground News, a mobile app designed to make media biases transparent by providing a range of news sourc… See more
Shortly after graduating from college, I got the opportunity to work at NASA and then a satellite start-up. Using earth-observation satellites, my team looked over every square mile of the planet every 24 hours. Our efforts helped insurance companies to spot fraud, cities to locate leaking pipes, and farmers to grow better grains (for better beer!)
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