Alternative products to MessageBird Voice API

4 alternative and related products to MessageBird Voice API

MessageBird Voice API

Add programmatic call capabilities to your app or service

MessageBird’s new Voice API allows you to place and receive calls from the cloud. It enables use cases like Anonymous Calling, 2FA Voice Prompts, and Global Call Forwarding.

4 Alternatives to MessageBird Voice API

Storyline makes it easy for non-tech people to create, test, and publish complex voice applications in minutes, using templates and visual mind-map interface. There is no need to code anything or setup servers. It’s like a Squarespace for voice apps.

Bill Mccarthy
Bill Mccarthy- Alexa Developer
because i use it to make Alexa skills
Maxim  Abramchuck
Maxim Abramchuck- Founder of Storyline | YC W18
Quickly create voice-controlled apps without coding. Visual interface, advanced integrations, built-in preview and testing tools, API capabilities.
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15 years ago, when I was watching how Star Trek heroes were controlling the computer using their voice, I was amazed. It was like magic to me. They could literally make the machine do something using only voice. Now, it's happening everywhere.
3 Alternatives to Storyline

Visually integrate Voice and SMS into your apps in minutes.

PHLO is for developers who are looking at rapidly deploying communication capabilities (Voice calls, SMS and more) into their application. PHLO eliminates the need to refer to documentation back & forth, drastically reduces lines of code & integration steps so that you can build even complex use-cases rapidly, and ship faster.

Keep building! 🤘

Pranayjeet Thakare
Pranayjeet Thakare- Software Developer
We needed sms feature for our application, within few hours we were able integrate. Smooth!
Prasad Lingawar
Prasad Lingawar- Growth @ Plivo
You could send SMS globally with PHLO at a reasonable price. I hope this helps! P.S. I work at Plivo
Prasad Lingawar
Prasad Lingawar- Growth @ Plivo
You could do a lot with Google Calendar's APIs and Plivo's SMS APIs. I hope this helps! P.S. I work at Plivo.
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Announcing PHLO - A whole new way of integrating communications into your application
Plivo's SMS API and Voice API enables businesses to communicate with their customers at global scale. Sign up for free now.
10 Alternatives to PHLO by PLIVO

Serverless WhatsApp API made simple

Wassenger is a serverless WhatsApp messaging API cloud solution that is easy to use, cheap and scalable.

Start sending cheap WhatsApp messages to any phone number, any country, in just a matter of minutes. No business account required.

Try it free for 7 days. No strings attached.

Disclaimer: not an official product from WhatsApp/Facebook.

6 Alternatives to Wassenger
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