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4 alternative and related products to MenuBar Stats

MenuBar Stats

Advanced Mac system monitor right from the menu bar

4 Alternatives to MenuBar Stats

Organize and hide menu bar items on your Mac

Andreas Klinger
Andreas Klinger- Tech at Product Hunt 💃
Must have app if you like your whole screen as clean as possible
Davidvb - Ld. UI/UX
Davidvb - Ld. UI/UX- Lead UI/UX Designer
Absolutely an essential for me as well, but I do with they would keep improving it because it could look and behave nicer and offer a lot more useful and related features... (For example things like grouping icons and have them scale/"reveal more", in a iOS-ish manner, into folders with 4x5 icon grids.)
Marek Fořt
Marek Fořt
Without this, my menu bar would be just a big, big mess. Can't imagine my life without it now.
4 Alternatives to Bartender

An advanced Mac system monitor for your menubar

Jacob Jay
Jacob Jay- Peripatetic Techie @Coworking.Community
My main reason for using this is that is has a 'fuzzy clock' mode: «ten pas nine» instead of «9:12», numbers are distracting and we really don't need minute accuracy constantly reminding us how little time we've left to live… The second reason is that it can hide the battery charge indicator once charged (space saving, no unnecessary info!). The rest of its … See more
Brandon Brown
Brandon Brown- work @sendwithus
I've been using iStat Menus since version 3 and it is one of the first menubar apps I install on a new machine!
Fraser Smith
Fraser Smith- Software Developer, Shanghai, China
It's the best. Nuff said.
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