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Mentor List alternatives and competitors

2 reviews

Mentor List is a searchable database of professionals willing to help anyone who wants to learn about their field.

The idea came from my college friends struggling to find a professional who can help them get into the career they want.

My vision for this product is to create the largest mentor-mentee network.

Top alternatives for Mentor List

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  • upcoach

    14 reviews
    Free options
    Build group coaching programs with agendas, goals, worksheets, community, and client management in one place. Coaching is about making change happen, through encouragement, accountability, collaboration, and expertise.
  • Frontend Mentor

    Our front-end challenges mimic a real-life workflow. Each one includes designs (mobile & desktop), a style guide, and a project brief. The rest is up to you! This means you get access to professional designs and can build your experience of creating websites.
  • Senpai

    12 reviews
    We’re on a mission to make it easier for people to share and learn from each other (and make money doing it!)
    To start, we’re providing the first async consulting option to access top tier expert knowledge faster & cheaper.
  • Designlab

    Learn design by doing, with hands-on projects & mentorship
  • LEADx

    9 reviews
    Free options
    LEADx does for leadership coaching what Duolingo did for learning a new language. Bite-sized content that can fit into a few minutes of free time. Nudges and reminders about topics you recently learned. Guided coaching on topics that matter to you right now.
  • Thinkful

    Learn to code with a mentor.
  • Glassbreakers

    A peer mentorship community for professional women
  • MentSpot

    To get somewhere in life, business, study, relationships or anything else, it's important to get guidance from a mentor. But finding the right mentor is difficult. Mentspot provides a simple way to get connected with Mentors and Mentees in any category.
  • NonTechTech Beta

    1 review

    The NTT mission is simple - break down barriers in tech and help non-coders secure tech jobs.

    With university finals out the way we're here to help students and recent grads break into tech regardless of their degree subject.

    We offer:

    Slack channel for instant advice

    Mentors directory

    Profiles of people working across different tech roles

    Tight knight community of people who actually care to give thoughtful feedback. I have been involved with NTT for a few months now and have …

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  • RookieUp

    On-demand mentors for aspiring creatives.
  • Mentmento

    1 review
    Hey Hunters. Have you been looking for a mentor 👩‍🏫 that can help you achieve your goals 🚀? Mentmento is mentor-mentee matching platform.
    Just let us know what you are looking for in a mentor, and we will match you to the right mentor.
  • Seek a Guru

    2 reviews
    We've built Seek a Guru to promote the positive sides of the Internet, that is connecting disciples with gurus virtually to enhance lives, knowledge and experience. Seek a Guru is a platform that will automate bookings, payments, security and integration.
  • The Mentoring Club

    2 reviews
    The Mentoring Club is an open community which aims at supporting people who are keen to grow and develop. Mentees can expect advice, which is based on year long experiences. Our mentors are open, give honest feedback and, of course, guarantee full discretion.
  • Springboard

    1 review
    Learn data and design skills with your own industry mentor.
  • Awesome Peers

    4 reviews
    Awesome Peers has a curated list that includes 900+ people who are waiting for you to meet for free!
  • interviews.tech

    1 review
    Mock interview practice for product management, product marketing, and engineering management interviews. Our mentors are senior leaders at places like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and have extensive experience interviewing and hiring candidates.

    share success stories- was any of your users accepted to a position you help them interview for? give a discount coupon for limited time

  • GrowthClub

    4 reviews
    GrowthClub is a peer to peer coaching platform for founders. Gain focus, improve execution and manage stress through curated weekly meetings with fellow founders. Online.
  • CEO World

    Where ScaleUp teams learn from world class unicorns, corporates and investors.

    We bring together reputed investors and scaleups to help you solve your scaleup challenges.

    Online Q&A sessions for your team that will have an expert providing key insights and knowledge regarding one topic (sales, marketing, talent).

  • Playbook

    Playbook is a Mobile Video Micro-Learning App with 150+ quick video classes on Product, Design, Entrepreneurship, Team & Culture, Growth, Fundraising and more.

    Classes are taught by real world experts from companies like Uber, PayPal, Reddit, Microsoft, Spotify, UpWork, Google and more.

    Our Video Micro-Learning Courses are 10-15 mins long.

  • Learners

    2 reviews
    Learners is a community of people willing to share their knowledge through P2P mentoring. Register, find a mentor, and grow!