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Mentor List
Mentors willing to help you

Mentor List is a searchable database of professionals willing to help anyone who wants to learn about their field.

The idea came from my college friends struggling to find a professional who can help them get into the career they want.

My vision for this product is to create the largest mentor-mentee network.

18 Alternatives to Mentor List

Community and mentorship for aspiring (non)techies

The NTT mission is simple - break down barriers in tech and help non-coders secure tech jobs.

With university finals out the way we're here to help students and recent grads break into tech regardless of their degree subject.

We offer:

Slack channel for instant advice

Mentors directory

Profiles of people working across different tech roles

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Tell us a little about yourself, what's your name, where did you grow up and where do you live now? My name is Stephen Chap. I grew up in Harare, Zimbabwe and Liverpool, England and moved to Hertfordshire for university. I ended up moving to Hertfordshire after uni and that's where I'm currently based.
Tell us a little about yourself, what's your name, where did you grow up and where do you live now? My name is Ina, I was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. I left when I was 23 to do my Masters in Marketing Management at the ESADE Business School in Barcelona.
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A marketplace for mock interviews and career advice.

Mock interview practice for product management, product marketing, and engineering management interviews. Our mentors are senior leaders at places like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and have extensive experience interviewing and hiring candidates.

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Working on a variety of high-profile products first within Google's Associate Product Manager Program in mobile advertising, later at Lyft as the head of passenger engagement, and now at Waymo building self-driving cars, I've seen firsthand the difference between the force multiplier product manager who makes their products and organizations successful, and … See more
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Learn data and design skills with your own industry mentor.

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There are already plenty of large online learning companies - known as MOOCs; massive open online courses - that use the Internet to democratize education through distribution. Leadig lights Coursera ($146 million), Udemy ($113 million) and Udacity ($160 million) have collectively raised hundreds of millions of dollars, but one upstart is taking a different … See more
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Monthly online sessions with scaleup founders & investors

Where ScaleUp teams learn from world class unicorns, corporates and investors.

We bring together reputed investors and scaleups to help you solve your scaleup challenges.

Online Q&A sessions for your team that will have an expert providing key insights and knowledge regarding one topic (sales, marketing, talent).

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Mobile Video Micro-Learning for digital skills

Playbook is a Mobile Video Micro-Learning App with 150+ quick video classes on Product, Design, Entrepreneurship, Team & Culture, Growth, Fundraising and more.

Classes are taught by real world experts from companies like Uber, PayPal, Reddit, Microsoft, Spotify, UpWork, Google and more.

Our Video Micro-Learning Courses are 10-15 mins long.

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Your direct link to arts mentorship

Mentorly is the first online arts mentorship platform providing the opportunity to connect emerging and professional artists and creative thought leaders worldwide. Mentors slide out profiles, calendars, booking, payment, and video calls all hosted seamlessly on

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We've all heard it before - "Everyone needs a mentor". But how do we find one? Even the most successful minds in the world, like JetBlue chairman Joel Peterson says "Quite frankly, finding that special teacher will come down to luck and resolve". There's been no easy way, until now...
Breakfast Television Montreal
BT Interviews Mentorly, a web site started by two Montreal artists which gives you direct access to one-on-one mentorship sessions from working, professional artists around the world!
Global News
Watch Montrealers design online art mentorship program Video Online, on
CBC News
Ashley Werhun is a dancer with Ballets Jazz de Montréal who found herself overwhelmed by correspondence from young dancers wanting advice - so she began searching for a way to address the larger issue of a lack of mentorship in the arts.
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On-demand mentors to boost your programming skills

On mkdev you can hire programming mentors and learn from their experience.
Subscribtion includes:
• Unlimited messaging in a private chat;
• An individual study plan;
• Practical tasks and professional code review;
• Lifetime access to the mkdev club.

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Our mkdev co-founder Leonid Suschev gives guidance on how to get out of the office jail and become an independent freelancer following three simple rules. Besides that, he's also going to tell his personal story.
A begging Rails-developer explains how to maintain the code quality and development approach she was introduced to on the programming classes.
This is the story about how our Ruby mentor became a programmer and his recommendations for the newbies.
An experienced Python-developer explains that it might be surprisingly worthwhile to lie on the interviews for both the employee and the employer.
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Get the skills you need for tomorrow's jobs

Telescope mentors students and young professionals to help them find the school that will teach them the skills they need to thrive in a fast-changing digital economy. Learn web development, data, design, sales to get ready for the new tech and business jobs!

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Rethinker helps you develop and improve professionally. Our platform integrates a toolbox of AI-powered apps, in-person career coaching and job placement. We guide you through an end-to-end framework which helps you achieve your own specific goals, right now!

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We believe the biggest waste we're creating as a human civilization is in the hundreds of millions of mind-numbed corporate workers, trapped by circumstance inside their cage-like cubicles while looking out the window at life passing by, quietly resenting today and fearing tomorrow. We believe that something is fundamentally broken in today's approach to wor… See more
In a previous post we've introduced the Rethinker Loop, our mental framework for navigating the challenges of professional development and career improvement. At its simplest it represents a continuous development loop which has three stages: 1. Understanding yourself and the challenge you are facing 2.
Why feedback? Because feedback is fundamental to our interactions as human beings. Arguably, it is the determinant factor in our evolution as individuals, and the main benchmark we use to measure and adjust personal development.
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