Alternative products to Mention Pulse ™

Mention Pulse ™

Get real-time alerts for changing trends around your brand

4 alternative and related products to Mention Pulse ™

Google Alerts

Monitor the web for interesting new content (redesigned)

Brandon Anzaldi- Software Engineer @ ToTheTens
It's been around forever, but it's super simple. It's definitely a great way to keep up on topics you need.
Stefan Rasmussen- Founder & Lead-developer at JIGGY
Obvious choice! :) Wish it could agregate and analyse as well though.
Carla Frayman- Co Founder, Knock Knock City
Very easy tool to use!
6 Alternatives to Google Alerts

Recite Social

Learn when and where social media is embedded in news blogs

Recite Social is a tool for learning when and where social media posts are quoted in news stories. Discover trends and influencers by seeing which posts are making headlines. Search for your own @username and see if you've been quoted in any stories. Sign up for an account and get email alerts when accounts you follow are quoted.

13 Alternatives to Recite Social
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