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Better Google alerts.

14 alternative and related products to Mention


Get notified in Slack when your startup is mentioned online

Notify is a product that informs you via slack whenever someone mentions your startup name, competitor, event or any topic that you are interested in on Social Media.

We monitor a dozen of sources like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Reddit, Product Hunt & Hacker News.

Prasad Lingawar- Growth @ Plivo
Good for tracking mentions of brands.
Vinit Agrawal- Co-Founder at Tars (
It can also gives some useful daily/weekly stats on your site visits and visitors, if you connect it with google analytics.
Jan Matern- CEO, Emerge Education
Works like a dream with Slack
Every individual, small business and large enterprise will not only create content and engage on social media in 2016, but seek new ways to cut through the noise and stomp out the competition. So how do you ensure your brand gets the exposure needed to fuel growth?
The Next Web
If you run a business, you probably know that social media is becoming an increasingly valuable tool for growth. Use it well and you'll see more customers and sales. The more connected on social media your business is, the more your brand could be worth.
22 Alternatives to Notify

Keeping up with every conversation about your brand or favorite topic on the internet is tough. Talkwalker Alerts brings the most important mentions across the internet (+Twitter) to your inbox for free! So you never have to miss another conversation again :)

Pragati Basu- Lead Gen @ Talkwalker
It's a very efficient way to keep track of your brand online. If you're a startup especially, it's important that you use resources sparingly. Talkwalker Alerts is a free tool that helps you keep track of your brand across the internet as well as Twitter. You can use it in multiple ways - for outreach that helps with SEO, for influencer marketing so that you… See more
Pragati Basu- Lead Gen @ Talkwalker
Talkwalker Alerts helps marketers become more productive by helping them save time by following their brand online and on Twitter. It helps to solve the problem of tracking brand mentions on various platforms which is very time consuming. You can have all mentions delivered to your inbox as they happen , once a day or once a week depending on what you're tra… See more
Franz- Talkwalker
Talkwalker Alerts is the best free and easy alternative to Google Alerts. Talkwalker Alerts monitors the Web for interesting new content about your name, brand, competitors, events or any favorite topic! Talkwalker Alerts brings every single mention of your brand across the internet: - from websites, - blogs, - forums - and even Twitter => to you… See more
The Next Web
"Influencer marketing" is a tactic that has been on the rise for a while now. Over the last five years, interest in the topic has skyrocketed. Source: Google Trends Social media has been a key factor in kicking this concept into high gear. Brands of all shapes and sizes now have a virtually unlimited amount ...
Talkwalker Alerts now delivers mentions from Twitter to your inbox for free! Sorry, Google Alerts ;)
9 Alternatives to Talkwalker Alerts


Get notified immediately when you are mentioned online.

Iva Glavinić
Mediatoolkit is useful is if you need real-time tracking as mentions appear on Twitter. - Real-time tracking - Analyzes sentiment - Has engagement data - You can export all mentions into a sheet (or set up scheduled export once a week / month) - You can export mentions by type of sentiment via Zapier - Automated reports
4 Alternatives to Mediatoolkit

Recite Social

Learn when and where social media is embedded in news blogs

Recite Social is a tool for learning when and where social media posts are quoted in news stories. Discover trends and influencers by seeing which posts are making headlines. Search for your own @username and see if you've been quoted in any stories. Sign up for an account and get email alerts when accounts you follow are quoted.

13 Alternatives to Recite Social

What tools do small businesses use for online reputation management?

Robin SinghviEntrepreneur
BRAND24 - Keep track of your brand online.
"There are different aspects of reputation management. You can either push negative mentions that appear in Google down in the search result… See more
Google Alerts - Monitor the web for interesting new content (redesigned)
"Great way to scan the internet and figure out what people are saying about you."
ahrefs - Count and analyze backlinks to a domain
"I love ahrefs. It is great to track your backlinks and social shares."

What is the best tool to monitor social media mentions?

Lucjan KierczakHead of Marketing @Survicate
BRAND24 - Keep track of your brand online.
"I bet it must be inconvenient to shift from one tool to another. You might want to have a look at Brand24, too. We've got three different p… See more
Mention - Better Google alerts.
"I think Mention can be a good fit"

What are the best apps for social media managers?

Vlad CalusCMO at Planable
Tweetdeck - Create a custom Twitter experience.
"Tweetdeck is another great tool to manage your twitter feed. Create streams with specific keywords/hashtags/handles to stay on top of whate… See more
Mention - Better Google alerts.
"Mention is great if you're looking for a social media tool that helps you stay on top of all mentions for your brand on social media. Think… See more
Planable - The command center for your social media team
"Planable is the most visual platform to create social media campaigns, collaborate on posts, exchange and give feedback, get posts approved… See more

What free tools do you recommend to monitor what the web says about your brand?

Sameer SontakeyCEO / Founder at Biostrap
BRAND24 - Keep track of your brand online.
"I feel like free tools tend to lack in certain areas when compared to the paid ones. Even the paid ones are not perfect and will not guaran… See more
Talkwalker Alerts - Better than Google Alerts
"Talkwalker Alerts is the best free and easy alternative to Google Alerts. Talkwalker Alerts monitors the Web for interesting new content a… See more
Mention - Better Google alerts.
"Mention has a free tier and it's amazingly useful"
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