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Mental Health Boot Camp alternatives and competitors

Mental Health Boot Camp is an online wellness platform for people of all ages. Created by a top-notch team of mental health experts, the Boot Camp’s rigorous and varied curriculum is hand-crafted to boost your awareness, self-control, and well-being.

Top Mental Health Boot Camp alternatives
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  • Hypnopedia is an iOS App that plays affirmations while you sleep to stimulate positive life changes. The moment for reading affirmations is selected depending on the individual physiology and general principles of memory functioning in a dream.
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  • Should you get help? I made interactive, auto-calculated mental health self-tests presented in simple, step-by-step user interface.

    The self-tests, or "questionnaires", are made according to validated/peer-reviewed psychological questionnaires made by mental health professionals/academics - all have been used in clinical/research settings.

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    the test seems good, the question are in line but the error at the end of the test, i cant view my results, please fix.

  • Improve your mental health and wellness with simple daily activities in Whole!
    The app focuses on promoting self-care by encouraging users to check in daily and complete habits and tasks that are scientifically proven to improve your mental health.
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  • Smiling Mind

    Promotes mindfulness and meditation for young people
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  • 🙀Imposter Syndrome Life is a place to read stories from people who battled imposter syndrome, to help you overcome it yourself. 💬There's also a chat to share your own story.

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  • Bloom is a video fitness app for your emotional health by combining interactive videos with guided journaling exercises and breathing meditations.
    Key features:
    📱Interactive Video Classes
    📝 Guided Journaling Exercises
    🧘🏻‍♀️🧘🏾‍♂️ Breathing Meditations
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  • Imposter Syndrome

    Over 30 developers share their insights on how they handle imposter syndrome. They are at top companies like Stripe or have built 6 figure companies. All their advice is bundled into one convenient ebook so you can come back to it whenever you need it.
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  • The Nuro App was designed to help you improve your daily mental and brain performance. Our app was designed by a team of neurological experts that have been using these methods in clinic with elite athletes for decades.
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    Loved the Nuro Score, and virtual Brain scan. Respect efforts to democratize mental health and performance, going and doing a brain MRI is …See more
  • Feels FM is an emoji-powered jukebox made in collaboration with mental health charity See Me. The jukebox aims to create a playful, interactive space where young people can share how they are feeling without the pressure of having to have a ‘big conversation’.

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    great idea for people to talk about their feelings and thoughts

  • LunaJoy

    5.0★5 reviews
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    LunaJoy is a digital mental health clinic for women through the lifespan: adolescence, pregnancy, postpartum, infertility, miscarriage, menopause and aging. We deliver affordable (in-network) therapy, medication management and genetic testing via Telehealth.
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  • Mirrorly is a mental health journaling and emotion predicting app. Alongside its minimal design, Mirrorly aims to bring greater clarity about your mental health by using machine learning to continuously learn about your emotional state throughout the day.
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  • Hey guys :) I'm a musician and entrepreneur. I've been streamed over a million times and played 408 shows in 1 year. I built Clarity for musicians & creators of all types to easily access mental health resources and inspirational content in one place.
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  • Meru Health

    Meru Health is an online clinic for the modern age, relieving mental health issues and burnout.

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  • Whether you need anonymous emotional support, space to vent, or even just someone to talk to without judgment or bias—your Buddy’s here for you. The LonePack Buddy app gives you a platform to discuss anything at any time completely free of cost.
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  • Enlighten

    Get notified to relax when you're stressed.
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  • Maven App

    A digital clinic for women
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  • Wear Your Label

    Clothing that creates conversations about mental health
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  • TalkLife Connect

    Therapists in Slack, whenever your team need them
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  • The One Project is building a new community and language around mental health by tapping into therapeutic photography techniques.

    We have more than 2,000 members around the world on our private online community working to help change how we see and talk about depression, anxiety and more.

    New app so we’re always with you ❤️📱✅ iOS + Android

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    I've used The One Project before and there is no doubt it's the best platform yet. The community is constantly looking to uplift each other …

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  • Vividwell

    For a long time I have suffered w/ anxiety & recently much more acute OCD. As a data nerd I wanted an app to track the effects that lifestyle has on mental health and also give a more objective view of the effectiveness of medicines & therapy.

    I built it for myself but I hope that by making it public it will help at least one other person. 😊

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