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Build a community and a business on mobile

Sam Rye- Founder
New platform which is a little more social network-like
Sam Rye- Founder
Emerging platform from the founder of Ning. It's pretty slick thus far.
Andrew Barlow
Mightybell gave us an easy to use, visually driven community platform that encourages not only engagement but also re-engagement. Highly Recommended!
The group software space is getting hot. Between Google Groups, Facebook Groups, Yammer, Convo, Asana, newcomer Slack and more, a loose or tight-knit organization has plenty of tools to choose from in order to keep its community organized.
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Build a community around your product is SaaS solution that helps build own community around your product for building a relationship, trust, and support with customers. Community is a great support network and organic accelerator for your SEO, can provide you with valuable feedback about your products, new features and offer new ideas.

Building a strong brand is not just finding a right logo or a slogan. It is about creating a name your followers, and it is about constructing community from scratch. Brands engaged in creating forums perform much better than others.
One of the basic human need manifests itself in our strong sense of belonging. The word "community" explains our wish and necessity to connect with others. In the modern world, we are privileged to have access to the Internet and its strongest ability to bring people, who share similar ideas, interests, and opinions, together in online communities.
There is a great variety of different online communities, but the process of how they all operate is quite alike. Online communities are hosted on various platforms for different goals. Before starting an online community, the purpose and the platform are the two most significant factors you need to think about.
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