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Melt alternatives and competitors

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Twitter for short audio recordings (aka micro-podcasting)

Top alternatives for Melt

Workflows by Anvil
No-code PDF automation for all, webform meets PDF & e-sign
  • Cappuccino

    5 reviews
    RECORD A BEAN: tap the microphone and start recording. Talk about your day, tell a joke or share a thought and send it to your close friends and family.
    LISTEN TO YOUR CAPPUCCINO: (mix of your friends’ beans) every morning at 8 am.
  • Synth

    5 reviews

    Start expanding who and what you listen to with podcasts in bytes. Synths are easy to record or import 256 second sound bytes that can be shared as an audiogram and listened to back-to-back.

    App gives you a possibility to perceive and convey information along with sense of author's presence. You can listen other's people thoughts…

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  • Speakezee Social Audio

    4 reviews
    Speakezee allows you to create and share voice stories that expire every 7 days.

    Our mission at Speakezee is to give people a fast, fun, and engaging way to share their stories, ideas, and emotions through voice!
  • Beams

    1 review
    Beams is a space for multiple voices to come together around any subject. Start a micro podcast on any topic, and add people to share up to 90 seconds voice recordings from anywhere in the world. Beams evolve and grow with your group as the conversation flows.
  • Listenable 2.0

    Free options
    Our audio courses are concise and to the point, created by industry experts, and you can listen to them screen-free, anytime and anywhere. Today, we have 50,000+ members and 4,000+ original audio lessons covering (almost) any topic.
  • Out Loud

    Twitter for audio
  • Trebble FM

    Want to stay on the pulse of what is going without having your eyes glued to your phone? Trebble FM lets you get informed in just a few minutes per day. Follow your favorites sources or people, every day you'll get a feed of shortcasts to listen to.
  • Cezan

    1 review

    Cezan is a unique resume tool where you can add audio recordings to key areas of your resume. You can give an introduction, explain work exp, accomplishments, education, gaps and much more!

    Cezan is great. Can’t wait to send / receive resumes made with this product.

  • AnyVoice

    1 review
    AnyVoice is a social network where everyone can speak out and connect with others using only his voice (like irl but online). It is not a Clubhouse, but I am grateful to them for warming up the market.
    We help you to explore and create original voice clips 🎙
  • Koober

    Free options
    Koober is a personal development app that summarizes the best books, conferences, documentaries and podcasts into koobs you can read or listen to in 20 minutes.
  • Currently

    Currently allows you to send audio clips to your friends. Simply speak into your phone telling a funny story, life update, or original song, and the system will send it out to all of your friends.
  • GoinOn - Stories with Friends

    Goinon is a new mobile app that launched onto the iOS app store only a few months ago. Aiming for a new social experience, GoinOn has taken your typical “stories” and turned them into a collaborative way of communication with friends.