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5 alternative and related products to Meet Another Day

Meet Another Day

Fake meetings for people with too many real meetings

5 Alternatives to Meet Another Day

Schedule a fake call to get out of those tricky situations 😎

Want your friends to think you're getting a call from someone important? Wish you got a phone call to have an excuse to leave an awkward situation? What about having your favorite celebrity call you to prank your friends?

With Callback app, you can do all that and more!

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7 Alternatives to Callback

Slack app helping teams better manage time off

PTO Ninja is an out of office management system built in Slack.

With streamlined features to help employees coordinate time off, and integrations with GSuite and most HRIS, PTO Ninja is perfect for any scaling company looking to add more structure to their time off process.

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We've all experienced the issue firsthand, as managers or project leads in various functions and industries. Many of us may have just experienced it with Thanksgiving and are dreading the month / holiday season ahead.
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