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10 alternative and related products to Medium Publications

Medium Publications
Launch your own publication with a custom domain
10 Alternatives to Medium Publications

The smart platform for professional websites and blogs.

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Business Insider
New York startup Verst has been acquired by Dropbox. The service will be shutting down December 21, and the team will join Dropbox. The startup had previously raised $12 million. Dropbox has acquired Verst, a New York startup that aimed to help web publishers and creators make money through features like paywalls, the companies announced Thursday.
The team behind Verst is joining Dropbox, in an acquisition that marks the end of the Verst publishing platform. The startup actually started life as DWNLD, a platform that transformed websites into mobile apps.
We spoke to lots of creators & heard an enormous number of pain points & observed that websites as we know them are kind of dumb. We wanted to create a smart publishing platform that would allow publishers to not only create incredible content, but to optimize for performance.
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6 Alternatives to Verst

Hassle-free SSL clothes for your naked domains.

Most of the existing PaaS out there let you use your custom domain with SSL, but lots of DNS and domain providers still do not allow CNAME or ALIAS records on the naked domain, which makes it hard –or impossible– to install an SSL certificate and redirect all the traffic on your naked domain without having a custom IP. NakedSSL came to fix that.

7 Alternatives to NakedSSL

Serve your own content hosted on IPFS from a custom domain

Cloudflare’s IPFS Gateway allows you to browse any file stored on the public IPFS network by going to<path-to-content>.

No need to download anything. No need to give up local storage space. It all happens in your browser.

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3/ We are one step closer to the decentralized blogging platform that I have long wanted. From the CloudFlare post, "Using Cloudflare's gateway, you can also build a website that's hosted entirely on IPFS, but still available to your users at a custom domain name.
The Cloudflare Blog
Today we're excited to introduce Cloudflare's IPFS Gateway, an easy way to access content from the the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) that doesn't require installing and running any special software on your computer. We hope that our gateway, hosted at, will serve as the platform for many new highly-reliable and security-enhanced web a… See more
3 Alternatives to Cloudflare’s IPFS Gateway

Request to contribute to Medium publications with 1-click

Smedian is where thousands of writers go to request to contribute to new, fast growing, and some of the largest Medium publications. Over the last 3 years, Smedian has helped thousands of writers join publications and helped publications grow substantially.

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The best feature of Smedian, to me, is the ability to easily contribute to publications. I'm not about to give you a guided tour of how to do this, but if you navigate over to their " Contribute " page, you'll see a list of about 350+ publications you can easily request to contribute to using a small green button.
6 Alternatives to Smedian
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