Alternative products to Medium 2.0

Medium 2.0

A new look, app, and features to move thinking forward

12 alternative products to Medium 2.0


A light-weight and powerful editor for authentic writing

David Byttow
Hey all, was just reading your feedback and just rolled out a new change: If you add #hidden or #private to your posts, they won't appear in /random or /latest. Enjoy!

Pocket Explore

A human curated version of the web

Nate Weiner
Hey gang - I'm the founder/CEO @ Pocket and here to answer any questions about the new releases and Pocket in general. (And thanks @benln for sharing this!) Everyday, millions of people on Pocket are saving and reading what’s interesting to them – helping us build an impressive library of over 3 billion saves that surfaces a unique and truly human view of w… See more


Share beautiful stories with images and GIFs

Sydney Liu- Co-Founder of Commaful
Hey Product Hunt!! Thanks to @nivo0o0 for hunting us :) **EDIT** WE have renamed to Comma (formerly known as Pencil/UsePencil) Really excited to share our beta of Comma. @rchktk and I want to build a story-telling platform for the next generation. We believe the fun, visual form factor makes posts easy to make and easy to consume. T… See more

Publish a thought in seconds anonymously.

Matt Baer- Founder,
I built this especially for jotting down thoughts quickly, wherever I am. The iOS/Android/ChromeOS apps and Chrome extension open to a blank new note every time, so I don't lose thoughts in the process of recording them. There's no explicit "pipeline" interface, but you can create a shareable link to notes you write (all without signing up), so this might b… See more
Matt Baer- Founder,
While it doesn't have many of those features (in fact, they're left out on purpose), it's flexible enough to easily build on top of, especially if you want to leverage it in combination with other tools. It's hosted, so you can get set up quickly and never worry about maintenance. And though it costs nothing to start a blog, paid plans are inexpensive, and e… See more
Matt Baer- Founder,
A quick update: as planned, our Pro subscription went up to $48 / year today. But you can still get 25% off your first year with the coupon code: producthunt until the end of December. (Our Casual plan price hasn't changed.)
Apple App Store
Share your thoughts privately. is a blogging platform focused on privacy. There's no sign up — just open the app, write something, and publish. It is private and anonymous, so only those with a link to your post can see it, and we don't collect any data that you don't explicitly give us (like IP address, location, etc.). If you have feedback or ar… See more
Google Play is a quick, anonymous way to share text online. There's no sign up — just open the app, write something, and publish. Only those with a link to your post can see it, and we don't collect any data that you don't explicitly give us (like IP address, location, etc.). The Android app lets you publish and update posts anonymously. But with vers… See more


A beautiful, minimalistic Medium client for macOS.

Apple App Store
The best Medium reading and writing experience for the Mac. Use Mediunic to browse Medium without distractions, focus on the content and share your favorite stories through the share menu. The UI is unobtrusive and takes on the personality of your content for a true distraction-free reading and writing environment. Mediunic supports fullscreen and splitvie… See more


Blogging and Publishing. Free. Open. Simple.

Nay Thiha
Open-source and innovative. You may like it.
Ingvar Helgerson
Check out Ghost, it is easy and lightweight platform to get started on blogging immediately without configuring anything. You can host it yourself and download it for free or you can use their paid hosted solution.
John O'Nolan- Founder, Ghost
Happy to answer any questions! :)


Create a blog with one text message (seriously)

David- startup fella, physicistish, techie
Textingway is something we've been having fun with, it creates a blog out of anything you text at it including photos. I'm not sure what people might use it for but I used it this weekend to take photos from Halloween and share them to my neighbor who refuses to use Facebook. It's like an instant liveblog. What do you think?


Publishing platform for the new age

Google Play
Page00 is a simple and quick way to publish your content online. Get a good styled webpage for your content and share it with your family and friends. For the choice and design, one can select from a list of responsive templates. User can insert files, images, format the content, make page private and do many more things from the editor. One can track page s… See more

What's the one iOS app you wouldn't be able to live without?

Asked by Ben LangSpoke
Spotify - Any song. One tap away.
"My favorite app of all time. I feel like I might go a bit stir crazy without music. Also, it'd make whatever time I had to spend on the isl… See more
Snapchat 10.0 - Snapchat has a new look & discovery features
"If you look at my iPhone battery usage, Snapchat is always at the top along with Twitter. If I had to choose, I'd probably pick Snapchat."

What are the most used online tools for writers?

Asked by Nicolas Le RouxGrowth marketer, blogger
Medium 2.0 - A new look, app, and features to move thinking forward
"I love Medium and pay for their subscription service. I do all my writing there and wouldn't have written most of those articles had it not… See more
iA Writer 4 - Embed images, tables and text as blocks of content in text
"I use iA Writer for the clean and minimalist UI, it's a distraction-free environment that helps you focus on what's important, your writing… See more

What's the best tool for writing a daily journal?

Asked by Jacek Kłosiń
Day One - A simple journal for iPhone, iPad and OSX.
"As they describe themselves: Day One is a journaling app for the iPhone, iPad and Mac. Record life as you live it. From once-in-a-lifetime… See more
Medium 2.0 - A new look, app, and features to move thinking forward
"I use Medium almost everyday. If you want to improve on your writing skills, get feedback about your thoughts and ideas, Medium is the pla… See more
60 Seconds Everyday - The fastest way of daily journaling
"Simple. Develops the habit and encourages success."

What is the best writing tool/app for technical bloggers?

Asked by NaveenKumar NamachivayamPerformance Test Lead |
Caret - Beautiful and clever Markdown editor for Mac and PC
"Combines the aesthetics of prose editors with the productivity features of code editors - features like syntax assistance, multiple cursors… See more
BeeCanvas for iPad - Visual workspace for Ideation and Collaboration.
"It's created for people who enjoy their job and want a tool that will make it even more fun to open up thier computer every day Also, BeeCa… See more
Evernote - Note taking gets even simpler
"All the time !!!"
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