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31 alternative and related products to Medium 2.0

Medium 2.0
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31 Alternatives to Medium 2.0

A new editor, new design and major upgrades

Sam Rye
Sam Rye- Founder
Ghost is very very good.
Alex Kluew
Alex Kluew- my podcast
Exception tool. Highly recommend it!!!
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The Ghost Blog
About four years ago we launched Ghost on Kickstarter as a tiny little prototype of an idea to create the web's next great open source blogging platform. In the early days we really just focused on just making everything work. Ghost was one of the very first open source Node.
Four long years ago John O'Nolan released a content management system for bloggers that was as elegant as it was spooky. Called Ghost, the original app was a promising Kickstarter product with little pizzazz. Now the app is ready to take on your toughest blogs.
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A community to get into a writing habit and improve ✍️

Anybody can be a writer with enough persistence and the right community. 200 words daily is all it takes.

200 Words a Day is a community of 1500 writers that helps you reach your writing goals and become a better wordsmith.

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When you are growing a tech company, it is tempting to spend all your time making and leave your voice aside.But this voice matters. It...
Yesterday night, as I was celebrating the arrival of the 100th member of our community, I noticed a little notification pop up reading "And the Makers Festival winners are...". My heart skipped a beat. I couldn't resist the clickbait and proceeded to the website.
Since I launched two weeks ago, people who use the product are not afraid to go ahead and say that this website will become...
I remember winning a writing contest as early as primary school. I always loved writing. But the closer I got to college graduation, the less I wrote. It is tempting to spend all your time working and leave your voice aside.
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Try Medium with membership-features!
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Download them now by clicking the links on the right. (for both Chrome and Firefox)

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My current situation is this: I'm subscribed to a lot of newsletters that curate content in the tech domain and almost all of them are behind a paywall! I want to get out of the Medium ecosystem, but I can't. Not everyone can be expected to pull off ...
The DEV Community
My current situation is this: I'm subscribed to a lot of newsletters that curate content in the tech domain and almost all of them are behind a paywall! I want to get out of the Medium ecosystem, but I can't. Not everyone can be expected to pull off the FreeCodeCamp move (leaving Medium to their own publishing platform).
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If Hacker News and Medium had a child

Draft is a community-driven news app inspired by Hacker News and Medium.
You can read news articles posted by the community or add new ones to the news feed.
Then, you can discuss and share your thoughts with the community in the Discussion Space.

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Publish a thought in seconds anonymously. takes away distractions, protects your identity, and publicizes your writing.

Start writing now, no sign up required. Or see what our writers have already published.

Paige Baker
Paige Baker
Really minimal and has an API, so you can pull posts into your own site:
Matt Baer
Matt Baer- Founder at
While it doesn't have many of those features (in fact, they're left out on purpose), it's flexible enough to easily build on top of, especially if you want to leverage it in combination with other tools. It's hosted, so you can get set up quickly and never worry about maintenance. And though it costs nothing to start a blog, paid plans are inexpensive, and e… See more
Matt Baer
Matt Baer- Founder at
I built this especially for jotting down thoughts quickly, wherever I am. The iOS/Android/ChromeOS apps and Chrome extension open to a blank new note every time, so I don't lose thoughts in the process of recording them. There's no explicit "pipeline" interface, but you can create a shareable link to notes you write (all without signing up), so this might b… See more
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It's been a while since we did an AppCenter Spotlight due to the massive Juno release and subsequent updates, but today we're back with an app I'm delighted to share with you all. is a distraction-free text editor on the surface, but underneath is so much more.
A blog about how profitable startups built their MVPs and found their very first customers. Each company shares their strategy, tips and tricks behind getting their companies started
The Irish Times
We go to Facebook to talk to family, Instagram to brag, Twitter to complain, Tumblr to fanboy over Doctor Who and Medium to proselytise. But where do you go if you just want somewhere not necessarily designed for going public, somewhere to write without being disturbed?
Outilstice est une plateforme en ligne qui permet de publier en quelques secondes un article et même un blog tout entier sur le web. Un drôle de service entièrement dédié à l'écriture qui réduit au strict minimum la partie technique de la publication en ligne tout en respectant votre anonymat.
Si vous êtes écrivain, journaliste ou que vous avez envie de rédiger anonymement vos proses et surtout de les partager en privé avec un simple lien raccourci, alors vous ne devriez pas être déçu par
Dès l'accueil, le ton est donné : tout n'est que minimalisme ici. Vous n'avez même pas besoin de vous identifier, il suffit de se lancer avec un titre et d'écrire votre texte. Soigner le fond parce que côté forme, ne comptez pas sur pour enjoliver votre texte, vous n'aurez droit qu'à quelques polices de caractère.
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Read, write and publish with full offline support on Android

A fast, beautiful native Android app for Ghost with full offline support. Write, edit and publish on the go, in a train, on a plane or wherever you happen to be. Sync with your live Ghost site next time you go online.

Available in: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Croatian and Norwegian.

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Exploits of a Programmer
It's been a year and a half since I launched Quill, a sweet little Android app for writing and publishing blog posts with Ghost. In that time, it has received very positive reviews on the Play Store and elsewhere, holding steady at 4.7 ⭐️. Looking beyond the numbers though, it
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6 Alternatives to Ghost for Android

The easiest blogging platform out there. Boost your SEO.

Since the beginning of StoryChief, our users have loved the free blog feature they receive from us. Well, it was time to give it a name and a well-deserved update!
Meet William - the easiest blogging platform out there.

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Time, it seems is always in short supply especially when you move into self-employment. For me, there's never enough time in the working day. When I was employed, time moved at what I perceived to be a regular rate. Once I started my business, time seemed to accelerate by a factor of 10.
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Experimental recommendation engine built into Firefox

Firefox is launching a new experimental browser extension called Advance, which recommends new websites and articles based on what you’re currently reading and your recent browsing history.

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You can flag and block articles you don't want, so you'll ideally refine your results over time to get only the content you'd actually care to see. And Mozilla, the privacy advocate that it is, knows that the recommendation system may make some people uncomfortable.
The Verge
Firefox is launching a new experimental browser extension called Advance, which recommends new websites and articles based on what you're currently reading and your recent browsing history. There are two parts to Advance: a "Read Next" section, which recommends related articles based on your current tab, and a broader "For You" section, which uses your recen… See more
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Blogging and Publishing. Free. Open. Simple.

Ingvar Helgerson
Ingvar Helgerson
Check out Ghost, it is easy and lightweight platform to get started on blogging immediately without configuring anything. You can host it yourself and download it for free or you can use their paid hosted solution.
John Borden
John Borden- Creative Coder from New Mexico
My personal go-to. Open source, but if you want you can opt for them to host it and manage all the nitty gritty details. Big fan of it's minimal markdown editor.
Nay Thiha
Nay Thiha
Open-source and innovative. You may like it.
8 Alternatives to Ghost
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